Sunday, 19 February 2012

Hi, robots (01001000011010010010000001110010 0110111101100010011011110111010001110011)

Lots of discussion of the new verifying system for comments. If it's so bad, maybe it's meant to be, to get us all turning it off and commenting more?

That makes sense, to get discussion, and repeat visits, and more info from us - you can monetise that - and more ad views, with it all encouraging bloggers to post more often, for yet more info.

Canageek has a very persuasive interpretation in the 12th comment here at Tim's. Who knows - maybe someone can earn on the spam itself?

I've heard the case for lowering shields. To some extent I'm with Tim - if you really are a robot, I want you to check in. But why not wait - in case it is what we're meant to do? What's good news for one of the biggest companies isn't necessarily good for us all.

Also, the amount of spam might go up now if so many people are switching it off. Then again, maybe it's time to ask what's so bad about spam anyway - most is obvious, and spotting the rest is good mental exercise. I'd likely go the route here at Rended Press.


Laughing Ferret said...

I turned mine off a couple days ago. No spam the first day, but some after that. However, all the spam got caught in the spam filter and wasn't published, so if it continues to catch it, I'll be happy to leave the verification off.

The Happy Whisk said...

I wondered the same thing about them wanting to turn it off, by making it so impossible to read.

I only type in the second word when they ask. No idea why there are two words. I even tried the listen button and typed in a word I heard, but that didn't work for me.


Ray Rousell said...

The comment on Tim's blog was very interesting, didn't realise that it could be used for that, but its still an enormous pain in the butt!!!! Myself and Fran both posted about it on Friday, lots of anger from both of us!!!
I turned my captcha off on my blog after a month of opening it, I just found it a pain when commenting on others blogs, so I didn't want people to feel the same way about mine. I've only ever had a handful of spam comments......long may that continue, but its not a huge pain deleting it.
I see you've left yours on!!
I can't read the second word???

Phil Broeders said...

Totally agree. Its a pain in the butt and half the time you can't even read the words.

Jedediah said...

I hate captchas. I switched over to the Disqus comment system from Bloggers own a while ago and I do nicely without such stuff. I'm not sure why that is. The blogger system has tons of spam (I check once in a while).

The only thing I like about captchas is their instant poetry-appeal. Cranked Econotal - is that doesn't sound like some monster, I don't know what does.

Porky said...

You're all tipping the balance, that's for sure.

@ Laughing Ferret - I'd trust the filter too, on the whole. Software is getting very good at extracting meaning from discourse, conveniently good and maybe scarily good. Audio next, and video, and by then it might even know what we're going to say before we do.

@ The Happy Whisk - I didn't realise one of the words was optional and I hadn't noticed the listen button either - you're far sharper than me it seems. So far I've had easy words with it, but I've seen how bad it can get. Speaking of which...

@ Ray Rousell - The example you posted up at yours was madness and even the one Angry put up would have caught me out as well. I will admit it's an absolute breeze commenting wherever it's turned off. Just a click.

@ Phil Broeders - Duly noted. I'm starting to feel bad putting you all through it. It's a pity a blogger doesn't get some degree of control over the level of difficulty or the exact nature of the approach at his or her own blog.

@ Jedediah - It's interesting Disqus should be so free of it; I don't notice much making it through to this side of their system either, wherever I see it used. The words really can be inspiring, and this new approach has fresh potential - 'Cranked Econotal' is a stunningly good name. You need to stat that up...

Maybe that potential is a reason for at least some of us to keep it turned on? Overall though, after that run of thoughts, it's looking less likely I'll be one of those that do.

Jedediah said...

I read this post a while ago here about captchas as a divination tool. I liked that idea.

Porky said...

Me too. S. P. has some outstanding ideas.

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