Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Group 1: The Stranded

If we'll be playing an open campaign by blog, we might need some ready-to-use warbands, ideally created based on freely available online rulesets.

Here's one that can be played as a Necromunda starting gang, a 75-point RS Skirmish force or a Humanspace Empires expedition. I've themed the names, but if you know the rulesets, you should recognise the equivalents.

The Stranded, a castaway slimegoing trawler crew

They were Fluvians, a deep colony. In the contaminated, ruined spaces of the Incology they plied the effluent lakes and slicked up reaches, traversing overgrown tunnels and sunken infrastructures, exploring beyond the fringes of the known underworld from the lowest and darkest ports. They lived in grime, grubbed for pretechs in the faint glow of fungus and deadly refuse, cut off from the blinding lights Way Up There by ever longer stretches of Stygian waste, corridors, chambers and shafts. Then the Plug was pulled.

  1. Bleen, the Steerer - Lazzail, Shrap Charges, Cosh, Fishhook
  2. Vapo, a Gunner - Fuelsprayer, Fishhook
  3. Spout, a Gunner - Charge Lobber, Shrap Charges, Crump Charges, Fishhook
  4. Towknot, a Deckie - Blaster, Big Bangs, Cosh, Fishhook
  5. Wake, a Deckie - Blaster, Chain, Fishhook
  6. Skimmie, a Deckie - Lazzail, Fishhook
  7. Tack, a Deckie - Pelter, Fishhook
  8. Gluggin, a Tiddler - Subpelter, Fishhook
  9. Stickle, a Tiddler - Slugger, Fishhook

They currently have no allies and limited supplies, but access to the Corroded Wreck of the slimegoing trawler, as well as an Oxbow Sump, Mire, Slimefall and some Warrens.

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