Wednesday, 4 April 2012

11 questions for me and 1+1 for you

Quite a while back now - about six weeks ago believe it or not - I was one of the bloggers tagged by Mark K at The DM's Screen and set 11 questions. I've finally got round to answering. Yes. Release that breath...

1. What made you decide to write a blog? I had the feeling a lot of things weren't being expressed, that there were complex points not being made or even pondered, and I was struggling to do it in comments. I'm not sure I'm doing better now, but I still feel the same way, which is probably why I'm still going.

2. What would you say has been the highlight of your blogging career to date? Career might be too strong a word, but if it is a vector of some kind, it has a lot of directions and magnitudes. With all the discussion, collaboration and creation over the past 16 months I think the highlight is that one fact: things happening. 

3. Name your favourite animal. I don't have one, but I'm fond of life in general, especially what we think of as weird. Jedediah has some examples here. It makes me happy to think there's probably a lot we haven't found yet, and we might not even recognise it.

4. What has been the best thing to ever happen to you? I'd say good and bad things are less events than processes. For me it could be understanding more, or at least thinking I do. We develop every day of course, but having said that we could still ramp things up a bit - time's getting on. That said, it's not so much about knowledge as awareness.

5. You are in a lift with a Nun, a middle-aged business man, a Karl Marx look-alike, a twenty-something female charity worker and Stephen Hawking. The lift shudders to a stop, the lights go out. There is a high-pitched scream followed by a thud. The lights come on and the Nun is lying dead on the floor with a knife in her chest. Who did it and why? I won't say fate, but I would dare to suggest particular blends of a lot of factors and subtle aspects of the relationships between them. Which isn't to suggest there couldn't be a guilty party in the way we usually understand it. Who'd put it past any of them, although it seems less fair to claim any understanding of the look-alike. Maybe I did it..?

6. Name your favourite colour. Octarine is pretty cool, and I found these getting the link.

7. What has been the scariest thing to ever happen to you? Good question. Maybe the memory got suppressed? I think the really scary stuff gets remembered in the bones.

8. You are about to break the world record for the tallest house of cards in front of a crowded room of onlookers and world press. All of a sudden, some idiot parent allows their errant child to charge over, knocking into your table, sending your world record beating attempt crashing around you. What do you do next? Chalk it up to experience, take a bit of time out - maybe a lot - and feel around for the next field to blaze a trail in.

9. If you had to spend a month on a tropical island, what four luxury items do you take with you? If we're assuming I have the basics for survival, I can't really think of anything else I'd want. Staying on a tropical island for a month would be luxury enough. Maybe some kind of light earthmoving machinery, with plenty of spare parts and fuel so I could dig in and when the time was up to head back no one would know where I'd gone...

10. Once on your tropical island you are allowed to have one person of your choice to stay with you. Now this can be anyone famous, living or dead, fictional and from any period of time/history - loved ones are not allowed - who do you choose and why? Mr Crusoe could come in handy, and I hope he'd realise he didn't need that pen and paper.

11. What has been the worst impulse purchase of a totally useless item (one you convinced yourself into believing you needed, but didn't)? What was it, and do you still have it? I can't think of anything totally useless. Even a complete failure has a use.

I won't be carrying on the chain with specific nominations and a whole 11 questions, but in place of that 11 I do have 1+1, specifically one question about the Expanse and one question that tags you if you want to answer it, in the comments or somewhere else.

1. Why do you read this blog? 
1. Why are you drawn to fiction, whether in gaming or beyond?



Mark K said...

Tally ho, dear sir! Nice to see you finally got round to the Q&A bit :) Much appreciated.

I shall now attempt to answer your 1+1.

'Why do you read this blog?'Well, for starters I'm always intrigued by the selection of odd coloured blocks used as a graphic on the page/s - I like colour, a throwback to my graphic design days. But also, you write with obvious intelligence and foresight into your chosen topics, so I have the feeling of confidence in what I'm reading to be well constructed, erudite and balanced.

'Why are you drawn to fiction, whether in gaming or beyond?'
For me, it is the imagination, pure and simple. Being a child of the 60s, my childhood was spent reading books, listening to radio and reared up on black & white tv watching Dr Who and the fab b&w horror flicks from the 30s & 40s. Being of an artistic bent, I adore computer games and the visual brilliance they can deliver, but on the flip side, I really believe they can, in no way, compete with role playing games where the imagination is paramount, from both the GM and the players - and I loved making up everything, from the larger world setting right down to the simplest npc in a tavern. And that is why I write my stories on my blog - to entertain both myself, and hopefully those who take time out to read them.

Porky said...

I did have a lot of fun with it, and reading the replies from the other tagged bloggers was interesting too. Something like this is well worth doing occasionally.

Those blocks of colour are in some sense a happy accident. I don't want to go raiding for pics, and don't have time to get permission or patience to sign up to and search a service, but I do want a visual accompaniment as often as possible, to break up the text, liven up the page and give the reader an extra prompt. Turns out my limited skill doesn't let me get much more than a suggestion of an idea into each image, but this is pretty much ideal for the themes here, of imagination and individual elaboration, picking the thing up and running with it.

Your answer on fiction covers a lot of the ground I'd imagine mine would, and makes me wonder whether more information - colour TV over B&W for example - means less development of imagination, or whether it means a different kind of imagination. The discussion of computer games and RPGs also reminds me of a post Alexis wrote once, here. I don't always agree with him of course, but he certainly makes me think.

If you haven't seen it yet, pavo6503 answers your questions and mine here, and it's just as much fun.

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