Thursday, 19 April 2012

AdeptiCon and Salute coverage

This weekend is a big one for wargaming cons - its AdeptiCon in Chicago and Salute in London.

If you don't already know, Apocalypse 40K will be running a webcast from AdeptiCon all three days, for 8-10 hours a day; that's at the blog or here. As well as that, Blue Table Painting will post vids at their channel and The Independent Characters will cover the final games at theirs.

I haven't heard of any live Salute coverage, but I imagine Beasts of War will post videos.

If you know of anything else, I'd be interested in the details and I'm probably not the only one of course. If you leave a link or address in the comments, I'll update the post with it.


Sidney Roundwood said...

Hi Porky. I think there'll be a load of bloggers at Salute, including myself. I'll be doing my blog post of the show on Sunday. It's a shame you'll not be there tomorrow..... but hopefully next year?

Porky said...

I'm thinking the same, and there should be a lot of round-ups posted Sunday and into early next week, almost certainly at Ray's, The Angry Lurker's and Big Lee's. I'll be keeping an eye out and I might collect the links up here.

I'd like to be at either event, or both. It's a lot of fun meeting face to face people only ever heard of or read about about, or whose work we know, and I'd bet that's even more true in the case of people met through something like blogging. There's a lot of scope for gaming in the idea too. I'd love to help run something, or maybe even lead a very unconventional game, possibly playing to that online connection. I'll see what comes to mind and maybe propose something.

Anyone reading who wants the link to Sidney's blog too, here it is, and it's a real treasure trove, even beyond gaming.

Sidney Roundwood said...

Hi Porky - here's my post from Salute 2012. I tried to squeeze in a lot of photos!

Porky said...

It certainly is a lot, and you managed to snap plenty I haven't seen in the various posts I've read so far. I've started collecting the links so this goes in. The list should be up in a day or two.

For anyone who hasn't seen Sidney's post yet, here's a direct link.

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