Tuesday, 10 April 2012

History Co.

Out of ideas for mash-ups or the next big thing?

For the A-Z Challenge I'm posting 26 suggestions for new genres. How serious each is I leave you to decide; I have my eye firmly on this debate.

History Co.

An absurd, ironic or satirical revision of past or future history as if by a corporate interest expanding aggressively into objective facts. The interest may be commercial, communal or governmental and level of uniformity and self-awareness may vary; a lack of cohesion, consistency or completion in the text may reflect supposed conflict within the body, with one or more implied divisions, departments or teams inserting a more or less subversive message. You could think of it as Pale Fire meets Terry Gilliam's Brazil meets No Logo.


Trey said...

I like it. Greaat juxtaposition of ideas.

Porky said...

Thanks again. It's a very interesting starting point I think, and it shares a lot with the chip lit idea earlier in the month.

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