Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Indie kickstarting a go-go (1)

A couple of 28mm miniature crowdfunding projects you might want to look at; there are plenty of gaming products being developed this way, but these aren't getting the press.

The first is here at Kickstarter, aimed at funding 12 sculpts for the hillbilly families in the ArmChairGeneral skirmisher It Came From Beyond The Still - I reviewed the game here.

The second is here at Indiegogo, raising funds for a set of six sculpts for Stuart's Weird West RPG, including Abraham Lincoln and a vampire, werewolf, mummy and princess.

Update: On the subject of ArmChairGeneral, it seems It Came From Beyond The Still and the When the Navy Walked rulebooks are now available in softcover. If you want my thoughts on the WtNW books, the links to the reviews I did are in the right-hand column.

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