Thursday, 5 April 2012

Opening Project Pandora's lightbox

With yesterday's post fresh in my mind, on the concept 'there is only war', I got quite excited reading this post at Ninjabread on Mantic's Project Pandora, their imminent sci-fi board game.

Apparently light is a key element of gameplay and at least one of the players can cut cables to throw sections into darkness.

An aspect like this could make a big difference to how tabletop wargames play too. If the battlefield was assumed to be lit up by floodlights or an orbital array, or bioluminescence on a roof, the players could apply Project Pandora tactics to support or hinder movement. Board sections just become table sections.

Each light source could have a controlling player, durability stats and a nominal distance above the table. For the basic effects you could build on the rule for fluctuation Odd-Leg posted here for Space-Munda, and for more detail I have thoughts on light strength and angle here. Maybe each source could be hacked somehow and control passed across?

You could allow units to attempt to reach the light, or have the mission be to get out of an actual hole, maybe as part of a surprise attack. If so, one or more edges of the table could be a sheer surface like a cliff. I have a suggestion for these at the bottom of this adventure and Hereticwerks just posted their first Cliffcrawling encounter table here.

There's another idea for a variant on 'wargaming as usual' in a recent post on sorrow and anger here at The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms, which could work for bonds between team members. It's for D&D equivalents, so it shouldn't be too difficult to adapt to a wargame.


Jessica L. Foster said...

I've never played games like that, but the idea with the lights would make it exciting.

Porky said...

Without going so far as to recommend this kind of gaming, I will say I feel creators of fiction in general could gain by exploring the tabletop gaming landscape and experimenting with the various approaches, and that gamers in turn could gain by letting their creativity run freer, creating more beyond the formulae of official settings or game systems. This blog is a meandering stroll through a part of those borderlands.

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