Saturday, 24 November 2012

An unexpectable journey

I haven't posted any flash fiction for a while, and I used to put up a story with 140 characters pretty much each week, so today I found a few minutes to see if I still can; 140 is a good mental workout.

As inspiration this time I took a few subjects I've been pondering: that dragon-bred early human concept, the Kingdom Death Kickstarter, the as yet unfinished Maelstrom table, the possible ocean inside Titan, its lakes, the first Earth-launched probe to be landed in the outer solar system - Huygens - and the words we use and what they say about us.

So a tale of flight, consciousness and Others, in 140 characters. Line breaks count one.

They. Beasts swam the night sea. Hunting. Us. We... We held out, hold our breath, swim up - caverns, ice. Emerge in dark.
Light flared. You.

The pronouns and tenses do the work. With the talk of Tolkien again I'm also wondering how simply a history can be shown or how many words a people needs to be in context.

At any rate, if the first set of links wasn't enough to help you out of context, a few recent posts that fit the themes are the current sculpt-in-progress at Outside the Universe Itself, the Mosasauroids and Nautiloids at Fate SF, FrDave's superb Slave Pits of Abhoth draft, Needles' trailer for his next campaign and everything at Hereticwerks the past few days.


John Till said...

This is quite clever, and I see the connection to my FATE SF post! Sort of a Nautiloid's eye view of things. Now I need to figure out the ice caverns beneath these semitropical caves - sounds like another anomaly or artifact of some kind has been discovered in New Manila Bay.

FrDave said...

"Superb?" That is awfully high praise, which (though I don't know is deserved) I do really appreciate. Thanks.

Porky said...

@ John Till - I am happy with how it turned out. When I come back and reread a post like this, it often seems more ambiguous than I planned, less my vision and even more open to interpretation. It fits the nautiloids for sure. New Manila Bay is a hot place right now, no doubt about that, and I'd be chuffed if you did manage to weave this in.

@ FrDave - Time and playthroughs may prove me wrong, but I'm seeing quantity and quality both, and quality in the presentation too, in that incremental description especially. There seems to be a lot going on in there, plenty to chew on. I'm hoping I get a chance to explore at least some of it from one or other perspective.

Jennie said...

Haunting imagery, yet leaving plenty to the imagination.

If you are still interested in doing a little flash more regularly, I'm trying to resurrect Flash Fearsday over on Nine Worlds, Ten Thousand Things, unless it has already moved somewhere else that I'm unaware of.

This week's is here.

It's good to be back. Let's hope it lasts.

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