Sunday, 4 November 2012

Status report - October 2012

That's another month gone, so here's the list of what I imagine are the more useful bits.

  • A first post on getting more finality in an apocalypse, this time world-eating

In light of the new hurt I've put that Ewok post back, but the exploration of Lithus Sector is still on the way, as is the RT6 series, and various other projects are still due updates.

For now though, the usual summary in video form, bringing together a few of the themes and reflecting the overall mood, this time two videos, clips from Back to Earth and Lexx.



Cygnus said...

I'm sure you've seen THIS bit of pop-culture weirdness related to 40K, but I thought I'd peg it here to October's summary anyway... :-)

Porky said...

I hadn't seen it, but it doesn't surprise me as much as it seems to surprise the poster. So many players have cycled through 40K and GW over the years that a large part of our societies must have come into contact with the setting and various games, and know where to look for the specifics.

To run with that a little, based on recent developments I'm wondering if there's a kind of extenuation going on, that as the awareness spreads and the experience is left behind by those that move on - and possibly as the number of replacement customers falls, perspectives solidify and frames of reference change - that the depth in the thing as a whole fades or is bled away.

It's been 25 years after all, maybe longer depending on how you look at it. Looking back, it doesn't seem quite what I once thought it was, and that could be true for many people. Maybe it isn't what many of us think it is still.

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