Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Their grimdark materials

Check this out - Tales from the Maelstrom are running an old school 40K games day:
We're planning a multi faction incident on an Imperial World beset by rebellion and will be inviting blog followers to drop in, take control of a squad and have a game with us. It's totally free, we'll provide all the minis and scenery and GM the game for you.
For a sense of what that could be, take a look at the battle reports they've posted. Also linked with the history of 40K, Garrisonjames asked a great question at the last post:
... does Warhammer have any sort of parallel time-line sorts of opportunities, like the Mirror Universe in Star Trek?
He suggests the name 'AltHammer' for cross-timeline gaming. I've had a ponder and left some thoughts, but I'm stuck for examples of the idea. Is it used more? If not, why not?


Ghostin said...

There is an alternate fanfic history out there that swaps the loyalist and chaos legions in the 'Dornian' Heresy. Really neat read.

Porky said...

That's the only specific case I came up with. Fascinating is right. But if that is more or less it, what's up? In the reply I suggest GW could be shy of this kind of thing because of the nature of the business. It may be that the setting and the wider hobby cover it to some degree.

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