Friday, 14 December 2012

Add, roll, plug and play

Greg Gorgonmilk is hosting a new community project, this time to generate various means of filling up on arcane energy, along with possible ways of manifesting it. Here's my contribution:

6. The Tail'ngs: A garish field of compacted sediment and incandescent glass lying up in the Lower Podia, easily found for the unnatural aurorae and frequent energetic strikes it draws down, and for the eerie glow across the region after dusk. Channels are vitrified in the sediment along the paths of the strikes, creating freestanding glass coils over time as the surrounding material weathers to corrosive dust, these coils themselves collapsing in turn. By some property of the sediment the eldritch energy of each strike remains trapped within and a single fine shard is a powerful wellspring. Even to enter the field is to invite fundamental reconfiguration. AFFLUX: Caustic Flare. The shard emits in a single flash a glowing sheet, more freely shaped by an experienced wielder, of 1' sq. per ounce of shard which heavily degrades matter and does 1d6 damage per 1 sq. ft. of contact. [Porky]

The base assumption is a weird old school roleplaying. At the time of posting there are still 10 entries left. If you want to follow Greg's formatting for it, here are the HTML tags:

<b>bold</b> = bold  <i>italics</i> = italics
<b><i>bold italics</i></b> = bold italics
<a href = "">a link</a> = a link

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