Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Crewbrew (1) - crew cohesion, concentration & repair

I'm having a go at a ruleset along the lines of one from the 40K uncut? post, for deeper vehicle use.

It could be thought of as homebrew for 40K, but it's not. It's a start on a general system for adaptation to games in which vehicles are more heavily abstracted. The first part is the core mechanism for development over time.

Crew cohesion

Crew cohesion is a variable for any or all of low visibility, cramped confines, heat, noise, vibration, motion, rushing air, failures, confusion, bickering, incoming attacks and death.

A D6 is placed with each vehicle or vehicle unit at its first appearance, with the 6 face up. At the end of every turn, the number face up on each die is reduced by one point.

For each glancing or penetrating hit on a vehicle, the number on the relevant die rises by one, for the focus it encourages. Each death among the crew reduces it by one, for the shock of the loss and change needed. Cohesion may not rise above 6 or fall below 1.

Any cohesion check required is made for a vehicle or vehicle unit by rolling 1D6. A result equal to or below its current crew cohesion indicates success; above indicates failure.


At the beginning of each turn a cohesion check is made for each vehicle or vehicle unit. If the result is a success, the vehicle may be used as normal. If a failure, the crew are distracted, meaning a) the controlling player decides how far each affected vehicle moves this turn, but an opposing player then decides whether and where a 45° turn is made for each, and b) any hits caused by affected vehicle weapons are rerolled this turn.

Running repairs

If a vehicle suffers damage, at the end of any turn, before the number face up on the die is reduced, the crew may attempt to repair this. To do so, a cohesion check is made. If successful, it is repaired. On a natural 6, one crew member chosen by the controlling player becomes a casualty. Whatever the result, crew cohesion is reduced by one point.

For every unit in the controlling player force able to repair a vehicle, a modifier of one point is deducted from the roll for all running repairs, regardless of relative unit locations.

The idea then is a quick and simple system adding some options and fun. Hopefully so far it's neutral overall, with the rising chaos as cohesion falls offset by more crew activity.

There's a lot more can be done with this and I'll come back to it. All thoughts, revisions and expansions are welcome - as far as I'm concerned this is a new community project.

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