Thursday, 1 March 2012

Table - Rumour accuracy

Another random table for old school roleplaying, partly inspired by the experiences of the GW fanbase in getting info on future releases, especially given the rumoured new policy.

I've aimed to keep the truth of the rumour itself unclear, but suggest the nature of this truth may in fact be more complex. Roll 1D30 as many times as you like per rumour.

  1. The rumour builds on earlier rumours, 1) with / 2) without references.
  2. The rumour has been heard before, but its time is said to have come.
  3. This rumour is a venerable work and its repetition a mysterious ritual.
  4. The source is a known rumourmonger; the first other person asked gives accuracy as 2D12-2x10%, this then 1D3x10 points 1) higher / 2) lower.
  5. The rumour contains one 1) truly astounding claim / 2) patent falsehood.
  6. The rumour is accompanied by an advertisement for a related product.
  7. Local chips in: source recognised as linked to the subject of the rumour.
  8. Guard dropped: source appears to be in the pay of a figure in the rumour.
  9. The source incorporates an angry rant about the subject of the rumour.
  10. The source is 1) reading / 2) being prompted / 3) channelling the rumour.
  11. The source has fingers crossed or 1) known / 2) unknown equivalent.
  12. The source makes mention of a particular quantity of salt, or comparable figurative substance, perhaps repeatedly - is this a code of some kind?
  13. Could the source be trying to communicate something else altogether?
  14. The source appears to be highly intoxicated, possibly on own power.
  15. The rumour of the rumour is drawing a large crowd, many speculating.
  16. A listener-in flashes what may be 1) a knowing look / 2) a secret sign.
  17. Nearby people look nervous and keep their distance from the source.
  18. Abrupt change: 1) a hush falls; 2) lightning strikes; 3) a band strikes up.
  19. Has subject changed policy? Demand for this rumour is 1) high / 2) low.
  20. This rumour has already gone viral and spawned a whole new trope.
  21. This rumour has a peculiar attraction to one or more of those hearing it.
  22. Manner and content suggest this rumour may express a private desire.
  23. The last rumour but one heard by this party is said to have been false.
  24. The next rumour but one heard by this party is prophesied to be true.
  25. This rumour seems to be confirmed by all seen hereafter, if not thus far.
  26. The rumour is so vaguely worded that the party begin to doubt reality.
  27. If attention is paid, or the rumour written down, it is seen to be gibberish.
  28. The source is fictitious, but appears entirely unaware of the fact.
  29. Midflow the source 1) changes narrative point of view / 2) refers to self by surprising name / 3) stops and wonders aloud what the point of it all is.
  30. The source claims to have plenty more where this one came from.


garrisonjames said...

Oh I like this--don't know much about the GW/40K end of things--but this is a nice accompaniment to the rumor tables we've been building. What a great idea. this is perfect for those dingy taverns and smoky cafes in Wermspittle, especially the ones that serve odd-tasting jerky in the winter...

Trey said...

Very nice. You always think of an interesting angle, Porky.

Porky said...

Thanks kindly. If you guys like it, job done... For now...