Thursday, 20 September 2012

Rogues' gallery - the Orəq

Here's the next faction in the series, what I hope is a fresh approach to a familiar fantasy creature.

I've called them the Orəq, with the 'ə' pronounced roughly 'uh' to load the word with more meanings, like the 'ʒ' in Citiʒant. Like the Trippies they're written up for Rogue Space so should be easy enough to adapt to other rulesets.

So who are these, erm, Orəq then?

The biopoietic homunculars known as the Orəq are born deep in the earth on a number of worlds and have a shifting colouration believed to be an oracular quantum expression.

And what's that got to do with us?

At the GM's discretion, the Orəq may be taken as starting characters and/or be NPCs.

Starting characters: Origin, nature and lifestyle mean around 50% of the Orəq have the Warrior Archetype, and all have a further +1 Acquiring and -1 Repairing plus the Psionic power Clairvoyance, in addition to any powers usually permitted. The Orəq are sensitive to the presence of each other and their creators over short distances in space and time.

NPC groups: A group may include 2D6-1 Orəq drawn from 1D3 spawning cohorts, likely from the same homeworld; 1D3 members of the group will be battling for the role of seer.

Homuncular: At the GM's discretion, Orəq may be of any human clade, gaining clade-specific stats, modifiers, features, rules and options not in conflict with any for the Orəq.

Oracolouration: Once per short cycle, or following a major personal event, there is a 1 in 6 chance that an Orəq's colouration changes by a degree. The GM sets the incoming colouration, but the Player defines in general terms the significance of a first appearance of each colouration for the in-game future - the GM must then cause some interpretation of this definition to occur. Oracular accuracy falls further with distance from homeworld.

Technologies: The Orəq use relatively primitive equipment, but learn rapidly and borrow readily. All Orəq carry a variety of dusts, shaped stones and naturally occurring detritus and a means to utilise these as distractions or weaponry, as per the profile given below.

Blowpipe, sling etc.   S    LOL* or alternatively Target at -1 to Tests next round    Silent
* A Rating of LOL is one lower than S, and does Damage of 1D6-1.

But what are they doing here..?

The GM may want to roll below for each starting character or NPC group, who is/are:
  1. ... emerging from a subterranean spawning complex, or an equivalent location.
  2. ... trading, or otherwise offering skills, services or technology, likely borrowed.
  3. ... acting as a mercenary element, possibly part of a precognitive strike force.
  4. ... drawn by or pursuing an intuition, thought or vision, perhaps unconsciously.
  5. ... gathering with a vast horde, likely preparing for or conducting spiritual war.
  6. ... seeking others of their kind or a creator, or attempting to induce spawning.

Feedback is always welcome. If you haven't got a copy yet, Rogue Transmissions #2 is out, and Hereticwerks have been posting more of their own great Rogue Space material.



Trey said...

Very cool. But then, you had me at "biopoietic homunculars."

Fenway5 said...

Great write up, so much opportunity to build adventures around! Great stuff!

Porky said...

Thanks very much. I think we'll be seeing more of these guys.

garrisonjames said...

Great creatures. What is behind these scattered subterranean spawning complexes? Precognitive strike-forces are an excellent way to integrate these homunculars into things. There's a big demand for such things in Lithus Sector...

Porky said...

Good question, and worthy of pursuit, by those bold enough and well enough equipped to delve deeper into the matter... As with the Trippies, I'd imagine they've crossed over, but they may have been present long ages already, and new spawnings are presumably emerging all the time.