Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Deep in the blue

This is a work in progress, linked a little with the Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon ash waste events table posted at the weekend.

It's an index for Hogintu locations yet to be described, and table for generating landing zones, teleportation destinations, waypoints on expeditions and general sites of adventure.

For now the links run back to the creatures, technology and character covered so far, for the information in the background text. As the various locations or location elements are described, I'll add or update destinations.

I've also added in brackets the encounters most likely; these lists should grow too.

  1. Habzone   (fline)
  2. Habzone drifts   (fline, skrab)
  3. Dune sea   (skrabnekrobra)
  4. Partially buried complex   (skrab, nekrobra)
  5. Spoilscape   (skrab, nekrobra)
  6. Fallen space elevator   (skrab, nekrobra)
  7. Nekrobra reserve fenceline   (haak, skrab, nekrobra)
  8. Sinkhole   (skrab, nekrobra)
  9. Crashed orbital   (skrab, nekrobra)
  10. Mausoleum   (nochrono, nekrobra)
  11. Mids   (haak, skrab, nochrono, nekrobra)
  12. Sphinctoid   (skrab, nochrono, nekrobra)
  13. Ceremonial arcade   (haak, skrab, nochrono, nekrobra)
  14. Broken rhombics   (haak, skrab, nekrobra)
  15. Smuggler landing   (skrab, nekrobra)
  16. Troobloo sandstead   (fline, skrab, nekrobra)
  17. Anedek flock   (skrab, nekrobra)
  18. Skrab spawning ground   (skrab, nekrobra)
  19. Nekrobra delve   (skrab, nekrobra)
  20. Fault zone   (skrab, nekrobra)
  21. Volcanic cone   (skrab, nekrobra)
  22. Crater field   (skrab, nekrobra)
  23. Gyre   (skrab, nekrobra)