Sunday, 18 December 2011


Václav Havel passed away today. I've not mentioned a death here that I can remember, but I'm doing it now for how relevant he could be to wargamers, roleplayers and writers.

That said of course, in general anyone who helps bring a community together to tackle a violent domination, and does so through art, who keeps going despite a clear danger of personal loss and harm, who takes high office and appoints Frank Zappa as a special ambassador on trade, culture and tourism has a life that rewards reflection, and all in.


Chris Kutalik said...

To je strasny. That's sad news.

G said...

I never knew about him appointing Zapper...brilliant....RIP

Porky said...

I'm glad the Slavic languages are as closely related as they are. It must have helped with those quiet meetings on the border.

The Zappa thing goes way back, to a rock group called The Plastic People of the Universe and the inspiration they took from his work. They had a big influence on the process.

It's sad for sure. Ultimately though it's that happiness we're left with, or left looking for.

beat ronin said...

You're the first person I know who's mentioned it. It made me sad that the death of Kim Jong-Il got huge media coverage, and the death of Havel, a far worthier man (if our western histories are to be believed...) went totally unnoticed by everyone, at least in Australia.

Porky said...

I saw that too, that the news was quickly pushed aside. It's a pity because it would be a good time to do some more reflecting on the past few decades.

As for his record, I'm sure even Czech and Slovak opinion differs. It seems he brought a fresh approach at least - by any standards - and there's a good argument to be had about that - do we prefer our politicians to be big businessmen, lawyers and actors, with their record to date, or can playwrights and electricians, as with Havel and Wałęsa, and people of other backgrounds offer something new and valuable?