Saturday, 17 December 2011

Rogue Trader in Rogue Space?

To follow up on the review of Rogue Space last week, I thought I might run a series suggesting stats and rules for the system, for characters, equipment and so on inspired by other settings.

There are setting materials in the various free supplements of course, but the enormous potential in sci-fi means these are probably not what everyone is used to or looking for.

I thought I'd start with the obvious for many readers here - the 40K universe. Given the Rogue Space basic ruleset assumes a human starting character and lists light armour and projectile weapons, and the Armory supplement includes laser weapons, it's quite easy to create characters inspired by human Imperial forces like the PDF and Guard.

It also means there's a starting point for other standards, and if you want to run a game with a group of 40K players, it seems likely space marines in particular will come up.

So here's a proposal for a transhuman starting character in powered armour armed with an explosive projectile launcher, flamethrower, plasma gun or close assault weapons.

I've taken inspiration mainly from the loyalist, codex tactical marine, but it shouldn't be too tricky to develop this given the flexibility of Rogue Space and current Archetypes, psionics and equipment. There could even be a 'path' Archetype for various careers.

A character like this will clearly be overpowered compared to a purer human starting character, but a roleplaying game like Rogue Space can handle that well too, just in assumptions about the kinds of adventures such a powerful individual will take part in, the obligations to the rest of the group and the nature of the reactions of third parties.

That said, I've added an optional special rule to represent the extra mass of the armour in a mixed group, and there's a restriction on the range or rate of fire of the Plasma Gun to even up values and a modified pistol version of the main weapon to go with the sword.

Powered encased transhuman trooper

Attributes: To use a point pool, divide 8 points among the Attributes; no one Attribute may be less than 0 or more than +3 at the end of Attribute generation. To determine Attributes randomly, roll 1d6 for each Attribute on the following modified points table.

Roll     1   2   3   4   5   6
ATR #  0   1   1   2   2   3

Archetype: Warrior, as in the basic ruleset, but with a total of 1D6+12 Hit Points.

Equipment: EXO Powered Infantry Armor and any one of the following: a) 1 Mini Rocket Launcher; b) 1 Flamer, Heavy; c) 1 Plasma Gun (either i) Range S only or ii) must recharge: one shot every second turn); 1 Sonic Sword and 1 Rocket Pistol (Mini Rocket Launcher with Range M).

Optional special rule: Random incoming attacks are twice as likely to be directed at this character as smaller individuals close by. In addition, this character blocks line of sight and may provide cover for up to two human-sized individuals or the equivalent; if an attack misses any such target by less than the cover modifier, it strikes this character.

Various transhuman abilities inspired by the space marine organs, training and chapters could be added too, but I haven't gone overboard just because Rogue Space is really about speed and simplicity, and a lot can be improvised in specific situations.

All of the equipment used is taken from the Armory supplement, which is free with the rest of the Rogue Space range here; news on the game goes up at Fenway5's blog.



Fenway5 said...

That is fantastic! I am really impressed with your creativity and adherence to the simple construction ethic of Rogue Space...hmmm, maybe using and adding into your inspiration I should work up a Rogue Space Trader booklet...

Porky said...

Sounds excellent to me. I certainly think there's scope for working up more ready-to-use generic types, especially local enforcement and interdiction, in the sense that armed and dangerous characters could bump into them rather often.

Maybe a range, some or all of militia, an investigative agency with wide jurisdiction, conscripts, special forces and shock troops. Something along the lines of the guys in the post could be the shock troops.

I'd be happy to stay on that subject for a while longer to see what I can come up with. In general I'm thinking some loose vehicle and environment rules could tie in quite well, for APCs say, low G and a few distinct planetary conditions.

If you want to go big, maybe a set of generic locations and individuals could be good too, and common services, with those traders in among them. Again, Needles is brilliant at the more nefarious end. Have a look at C'nor's spaceport people table too. There's bags of inspiration in there.

If you need anything doing just let me know, and I'd bet a lot of other people would love to lend a hand with expanding things.