Friday, 20 January 2012

Rogue Space - Dodeko ISV

Another human Empyre vehicle adapted using the Rogue Space construction rules. This time it's a fast inertia-storing, self-righting buggy.

The concept keeps the gyroscopic theme of the newer Empyric machines, getting at a key idea running through the background, and the naming moves on for a similar reason.

Dodeko ISV Mk. II, 'The Dodo'

The Dodeko Inertial Storage Vehicle is an agile amphibious buggy. Its spherical cage holds a self-righting crew pod and mounts two transverse sets of six pairs of buoyant wheels, for complex lateral and axial motion over almost any surface. Though new, it deploys on all sides of the Discourse for its crew are exposed and it is easily stolen.

C      12.5%    [1]   Crew pod (max. 2 crew, open)
H      12.5%    [1]   1 Light Pulveriser (360 x 360° arc)
A      37.5%    [3]   C:H: 1  S: 3
S      37.5%    [3]   125' (free turns through 360 x 360°; if overturned, drops 1 speed band, to min. 0')
E       100%       8

The statline for the Light Pulveriser is here. There's more Rogue Space material via the links at the bottom, and I'll have some background up soon to put what's here in context.

For those interested, I'm wondering whether a spin-off from this setting could be used as the basis for a faction for 40K, but one not built on GW IP. Has anyone ever done that?



The Happy Whisk said...

Hi Porky. I don't know what any of this means, but I'm home from work and saw you and Bard on the top of my blog roll.

So ... I came by to say howdy and wish you a groovy weekend.

I'm on prep all weekend but I don't mind, at all.

How goes you?

Fenway5 said...

Great stuff again Porky, thanks for the continued support. Revisions on the core rules continues...

garrisonjames said...

This sounds like a very useful vehicle. Do any of the stolen ones wind up outside the Empyre perhaps?

Porky said...

@ The Happy Whisk - I hope it means I'm getting my groove back, and for more than just a groovy weekend even - it's been a busy week and probably will be next week, but big things are coming. Howdy to every one of you too and have a very good one right the way through.

@ Fenway5 - I'm glad you like it, and it's no trouble - working it up is a lot of fun. As per Needles, there's a lot still to come.

@ garrisonjames - I wouldn't bet against that. It might be a new design, but the Empyre has a highly commercial nature and black markets of every hue. It's likely a number of factions, whether lobes or elements of the larger cortices - known or unknown - are actively exporting without the appropriate licenses.