Friday, 13 January 2012

Rogue Space - Flare ATG and Storm APC

A pair of linked transports adapted for Rogue Space using the new rules; Fenway5's core rules and supplements are up here, an A4 sheet each.

The combination is a development of the Nova Armoured Transport Gyrocopter, or ATG, and I've kept the naming related - the larger delivery vehicle is the Flare ATG, and the smaller vehicle it carries is the Storm APC.

There's also a new weapon, the light pulveriser, using the rather ugly implosive rounds.

It's all a part of the Empyre conversion, aimed at giving Rogue Space players a future human context, but one that's familiar, simple and generic enough to adapt easily; the main inspirations were probably the aerial crane concept and the Aliens dropship.

Flare ATG Mk. Id, 'The Velvet Glove'

The Flare ATG builds on the Nova frame, replacing direct passenger capacity with an external bay for a ground vehicle based on the Storm chassis. Though designed for rapid Empyric conquest, the Flare is now a key suppressor in the Uncivil Discourse.

C     25%    [1]   Cabin (max. 3 crew, top hatch)  [1]  Clamps (max. 1 Storm chassis of up to E12)
H     10%    [1]   1 Light Pulveriser            [1]  1 Light Pulveriser
A     35%    [7]   C: 4, 1/S (Clamps / Storm chassis)  H: 1, 1  S: 3 
S     30%    [9]   125-185' (185' - 5' per 1E of Storm chassis), skims (clamp / unclamp - 1 turn)
E     100%    20

Storm APC Mk. II, 'The Mailed Fist'

The versatile Storm chassis was developed in tandem with the Flare ATG. The APC is the primary variant and in demand in these days of dynamic civil resistance. The Mk. II is a response to the spread of heavy assets as a result of audacious resistance tactics.

C     25%    [1]   Cabin (max. 2 crew, top hatch)  [2]  Hold (max. 8 pass., front ramp, rear ramp)
H     10%    [1]   1 Plasma Gun (mounted to fire clamped, unless landing, landed or taking off)
A     35%    [6]   C: 6, 6  H: 3  S: 4
S     30%    [2]   25' (clamp / unclamp - 1 turn)
E     100%    12

A note on design: I dealt with the variable load by basing the Speed of the Flare on the total Engineering of the Flare and an E12 Storm, but spending only the Flare's points; I then decided 1E less than the maximum load would be worth 5' of distance travelled.

The Light Pulveriser is more or less a Light Machine Gun from the Armoury supplement, but using what will be the standard Empyric ammo, the brutal Implosive Round, raising the destructive effect of a bullet further; the special rule shows the nature of the wounds.

Light Pulveriser    H    Implosive Rounds    L    Damage recovered at half normal rate

Make any suggestions at all, and maybe download the game if you haven't yet - it's free.



Fenway5 said...

Porky that is fantastic! I can't wait for the editing on the main rules to be done so I can start making some more Rogue Space stuff too! I love what you have done!

Porky said...

Wow, that was fast - you're highly attuned to all things Rogue Space. Thanks very much. I'll do some Empyre background next, on the Directors and the Uncivil Discourse, and maybe list some factions, and linked with all of that another starting character, for a citizen militia member.

Pat Hatt said...

Really liked the detail you put into this, great job. Have to admit not intune with all thing Rogue Space though.

Porky said...

Thanks - that's always good to hear. RS is a game by Fenway5, the first commenter. It's a sci-fi roleplaying game, a good intro to RPGs. I have a review here, and the free downloads are here if you want a closer look - the core rules file is the best place to start.

garrisonjames said...

these sound like pretty useful aircraft. Have you seen these personal helicopters over at Popular Mechanics? fun stuff, until someone gets their fool head chopped off...

Porky said...

There's a future mobility idea, and as you suggest, potentially a weapon in itself. ATGs, APCs etc. could all eventually be made redundant over increasingly long distances. I mentioned wearable interstellar drives here, for the hardy at least, but the concept seems less wacky as time goes by. Then there's that Traveller idea, for final or transitional journeys.