Monday, 6 August 2012

100 items lost or found on the Rogue Spacer

This is for a slightly wacky Rogue Space setting, but could work for a lot of sci-fi roleplaying with a few tweaks. It overlaps with the Empyre setting.

Roll if checking pockets, packs, gloveboxes etc., or before character creation for a hint of who the character might be. The referee has the final word on exact nature. Or a roll could stand in for character creation, with the various stats and so on flowing from play.

  1. 2D6 adhesive sigils
  2. 1D3 anti-grav strips
  3. assorted in-flight meal wrappers with scribbled notes to self
  4. an augmented reality contact lens case
  5. an auto-biographer
  6. an autonomous arachnoid bodyvac
  7. a ball of gelatinous plasma with a light coating of fluff
  8. a biomonitor pendant with apparently erroneous readings
  9. a bodily waste cycler
  10. a can of landing foam, well out of date
  11. a change of clothes, dehydro-packed
  12. a clump of smart synthetic lint
  13. a coil of quantum solder
  14. a compression flask, overfilled
  15. a cracked vial leaking a transparent being
  16. 3D6 crystallised memory grains
  17. a dark matter filter
  18. a docking permit
  19. a dowsing drill with filter pipe
  20. 1D6 eggs, close to hatching
  21. an emergency beacon, activated
  22. an EM sample cone projector
  23. an exoskeletal sander
  24. an extensive holograph collection
  25. a foil comfort blanket, torn
  26. a fragment of a sacred text
  27. a fugitive nanite colony
  28. a furled solar cell, heavily creased
  29. a hive node, damaged during extraction
  30. a holographic skyway sign, stolen
  31. a hormone jammer
  32. 1D6 hotspots, unstable
  33. a hydraulic doorwedge, prone to seizing
  34. an ichor-stained rag
  35. an imaginator, on the blink
  36. an inertial leash, snapped
  37. an inflatable sleep pod, unaired
  38. 1D6 ion sump mushrooms
  39. an IOU in the currency of a dead planet
  40. a length of root, highly pungent
  41. a light saver
  42. a long-life fumer
  43. 1D6 low-grade clarity tabs
  44. a lucky rivet
  45. a lump of vacwax, sweaty
  46. a maxed-out credit tag
  47. a memento of an extinct species
  48. a micro-G sickbag, quite possibly used
  49. a mind plug with an extensive playlist
  50. 2D6 miscellaneous electronic components
  51. a modular body part, poorly preserved
  52. a motorised combi-utensil
  53. a multifuel pocket turbine, squeaky
  54. 1D3 organ regen capsules, 1 in 3 of which have been incorrectly stored
  55. 1D6 over-the-counter brain faders
  56. a pair of partially dissolved tweezers
  57. a personal furcare product
  58. a personal wormhole, either 1) collapsed or 2) prolapsing
  59. a planar positioning device
  60. a pocket hunter-nuker drone, claustrophobic and increasingly intransigent
  61. a portable mess harness
  62. a power finger
  63. a receipt for an off-the-peg body
  64. a recreational gene pool with applicator
  65. a reel of servotape
  66. a refundable intoxicant container
  67. a roll of programmable laminate
  68. 1D6 sachets of discolourant
  69. a save point
  70. a self-embalming kit
  71. a set of 'how to' cartridges
  72. a shard of crystal, pulsating
  73. a shed skin
  74. a sheet of psionic paper, partially corrupted
  75. a shipspotters' guide, missing one volume
  76. a shock test result
  77. a small creature in an otherwise empty flare case
  78. a souvenir replica of a wonder of known space
  79. a spare psylamp bulb
  80. a spinal floss generator
  81. 1D3 spray-on IDs, unfortunately all cloned
  82. a starliner ticket
  83. 1D6 sticks of ruminoflubber
  84. 2D6 stimulant flakes, 1 in 6 of which are contaminated
  85. a subcutaneous picochip
  86. a SupaVita bar, nibbled
  87. a superluminet directory
  88. a telescopic 10' probe
  89. a tooth organ with amplifier, clearly untuned
  90. a tracking thread, fraying
  91. an ultrasonic gillpick
  92. 2D6 uncashed entertainment complex tokens
  93. a universal adaptor
  94. an unpaid fine, long overdue
  95. an unpublished oeuvre
  96. a herbal infusion cube, slightly overgrown
  97. a utility fog travel pillow
  98. a vapourware inhaler with 1D3 empty cans
  99. a zapdrive key
  100. a zoink ball, initialled

If Fenway5 likes the idea, I'll expand it for Rogue Transmissions #2, but group it in line with the material on equipment in RT#1, and for use with a D6 only, rather than a D100.

If you haven't seen it yet, Hereticwerks posted a Rogue Space adventure last week, and Jay at EXONAUTS! has 20 mission ideas for another rules-light game, X-plorers.



Anonymous said...

This is just the kind of thing to add a bit of flavour to my quick NPC creation idea

Fenway5 said...

I love it! plus I hope you write up Empyre settings details ffor RT as well!

M. Jared Swenson said...

I love random junk tables. If you ever play the latest edition of Gamma World, it has a ton of random stuff tables just to show what your character has picked up during his travels. This is a good list. There could be hundreds of reasons your character is carrying a self-embalming kit, but it's up to the player to determine why he's carrying it

Black Vulmea said...

I really like the partially-dissolved tweezers.

Porky said...

@ shortymonster - I like that kind of thinking. I'm a feeler into the world and toolmaker more than a pre-recorder.

Here's a link to that post.

@ Fenway5 - I'm happy to hear it - I'll go ahead with the expansion then. New items are coming thick and fast at the moment so I should have something well before the deadline.

@ M. Jared Swenson - Me too, very much. Here I'm assuming the potential is even higher the weirder and/or vaguer the descriptions, and RS does work well as a seat-of-the-pants collaboration between players and referee.

@ Black Vulmea - The questions do abound with that one...

Tallgeese said...

I love #91

Porky said...

I changed that one at the last minute and I'm glad I did. Mushrooms have gills too of course, and looking again now I can see there are more possible understandings, and maybe different groups of players would come up with new. Lists like this are good fun, especially in a fantastical context where there's so much scope for interpretation.