Saturday 18 August 2012

Community Project - The Ends

Here's the master list for The Ends, a community project for paths between worlds, to get ways of moving from one setting or universe to another. I'll be updating the post with new routes as they come. Anyone can jump in...

  1. The barber's chair - the City to Wermspittle (Trey, From the Sorcerer's Skull)
  2. The ornate painting - to the Sea of Stars (seaofstarsrpg)
  3. The Gem of Muktra - to Zalchis (garrisonjames, Hereticwerks)
  4. The Synchronocitor - point-A to point-C (garrisonjames, Hereticwerks)
  5. The corroded metal plaque-like thing - unknown... (garrisonjames, Zalchis)
  6. The Weak Points - to and from Wermspittle (garrisonjames, Hereticwerks)
  7. A Tenebrous Scarlet Portal - many, various... (garrisonjames, Hereticwerks)
  8. The Aeonic Synchropore - possibly to the past (garrisonjames, Hereticwerks)
  9. The Aquaducts of Xembor - outwards, across alternities (garrisonjames, Riskail)
  10. The Lunar Gates / Lunar Mansions - also into dreamspace (garrisonjames, Riskail)
  11. The Anagogue; The Whirlpool Gate - into Imperial space (John Till, Fate SF)
  12. The Maelstrom - to one of eight places (garrisonjames, Hereticwerks & Porky)
  13. The Dryad's Saddle - to another world (C'nor (Outermost_Toe), Lunching on Lamias)
  14. ... 
  15. The First and Last Die - to other realities (Porky)
  16. The squishy cocoon - to dark and nasty regions (Porky)
  17. Confirmation of the Higg's boson - one here to others (Porky)
  18. The little helpers' dust - one here, maybe, to many others at once (Porky)

There's more inspiration at the original post and in the portal list, and if you need a spark for the world an open-ended portal might have as its destination, you could try this table.

Update: We've got so many in there now an alternative presentation may be needed.


Demitria said...

Thanks :)

garrisonjames said...

A strange Green Gem that seems to whisper cryptically of some other world, or place or something like that...


A peculiar staff of some indeterminate metal that seems somehow alive, or at least it did right up to when the purple light died-out and you found yourself somewhere else...


A corroded metal plaque-like thing, warm to the touch and quick to bond to your skin like a scab looking for a wound this Transition Mechanism could open the way to many other worlds, planes or places if you only knew how to make it work or could get it to communicate with you...

And there are others...

Porky said...

Perfect, and not surprisingly given your thinking is probably having a major influence on the whole project, and maybe right the way back through the portals list and beyond. I've added them in.