Friday, 10 August 2012

The beginning of the Ends

Here's an idea which was given a nudge by Trey's latest post, Opening the Doors of Perception. I recommend reading it, following the links and looking at the portal list.

The essence is this. All worlds are connected and each can be reached from any other. The idea is to get links between settings and game universes, so one campaign can run smoothly into another. What would a gateway to a given world look like?

Pick a world, any world - an existing space or a new - and describe a path across.

Here's a weird example: In a wild landscape, dig a cocoon in play dough, modelling putty or stained clay, then enter and settle in, buried alive. Fast, meditate and grow squishy like the squirming worms. Wake, and join their migration to dark and nasty regions.

Which could be a way you leave the current setting and end up somewhere like this...

A destination world could be much more serious of course, basically anywhere. I'll post more as I get them and make a master list, with links to whatever people come up with.

More inspiration.

Update: There's a master list here.


The Happy Whisk said...

Darn. No sound on this computer. I'll be back later when I'm on the other one.

Good to see you posting again.

Trey said...

It's been said that there's a barber's chair left in a derelict shop in Dead End in the City where you can sit. Close one's eyes for a minute, then spin the chair around to face the stained and cracked mirror. Instead of your reflection, you'll see the streets of Wermspittle, and if you stare too long you'll be transported there.

Anonymous said...

An ornate painting in an ancient heavy gilt frame. The lands shown are green and pleasant but marking the frame with blood causes the image of the land to tear apart and a portal to the Sea of Stars to open. Attempting to cross over will be met by a barrier of force and a warning is a clear feminine voice "The Empress does not welcome outsiders, cross and you will be hunted." One the warning is delivered, the barrier drops.

Porky said...

@ The Happy Whisk - They're well worth listening to and I'm happy to be here when there's this much creation going on.

@ Trey - A derelict backstreet locale feels spot on as a crossover point for the landscape of the City and the landscape of Wermspittle, especially given where we've been with Bujilli recently. Top notch. I'm glad you're linking too - this should support the community in as many ways as works, and get eyes on things that might not otherwise be seen.

@ seaofstarsrpg - That ritual seems perfect for the setup in Sea of Stars, and arriving like that would be a form of explanation for what the traveller finds. And just the same: it's good to see reference to community material.

For anyone wanting to know more about the Sea of Stars setting, there's an introduction at the blog and a dedicated site.

For everyone else with a path idea, if you prefer to post at your own blog etc., feel completely free - just let me know where and I'll link through.