Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Getting here

Some of the stranger search terms people and/or bots have used to visit the Expanse...

  • grasshopper for moving expansion joints
  • do porkies shed
  • medieval city map generator
  • blogger porky comic
  • dead space warhammer fandexx
  • "tactica" hamburg
  • quogwinkles
  • doesn t usually
  • air termanal range furound
  • skrab blitz
  • +jj shoota birthday
  • project exonaut how on macs to use jetpack
  • "gary cuba" + "the long toss"
  • porky's fiction
  • dragon teacup airbrush -tattoo
  • porky beauty
  • schoolgirls blogspot
  • rampaging dwarf
  • norwegean dawn
  • porky's barmaid and monk
  • job offers steel construction norwegy
  • pulp sounds
  • porky tattoo ilion 
  • художественные фильмы с фрагментами порки
  • what are polystem flowers made of
  • starship geomorphs
  • porky semen extraction
  • what color are the lips on the erte stardust barbie
  • imaginary city map
  • live steamtank roleplay
  • canton crossover network cs 3.22 - cs 3.28
  • viking mars bat rat spider
  • where can i get a sdcc 2011 hot toys iron man 2 mark iv secret project exona ...
  • film comedie mistar bean
  • skeleton antique machine abstract tattoo
  • roman elements of landscaping
  • runes of magic où est porky
  • wallpaper postapocalipse
  • emule goblin skullkeeps of rendaria
  • mars attack destroying a cat
  • orange desert
  • "writing for reluctant readers" "guidelines"
  • odd people pics
  • elk nostrils
  • old spunk
  • pics of female half orcs
  • he black as hell
  • necrogorka
  • cyborg policewoman tutorial painting
  • grinder injuries
  • a dog rolling with it
  • best table top roleplaying system to play minecraft with?
  • porky inside girl
  • imaginary map
  • is it legal to forge a sword
  • mass hallucination yesterday

Even if there's weird stuff like this here already, it definitely inspires me to make more.


Jedediah said...

That is a totally hilarious list. Elk nostrils?? Rampaging dwarf?
A touch of Dada, I think.

James S said...

For some reason my favourite is "what color are the lips on the erte stardust barbie".

Trey said...

Heh. Those are great.

Porky said...

It's funny seeing words I know were used, but in a new arrangement and maybe even a different sense. It's reassuring as well, a reminder the world is a mysterious place and people can still have thoughts that might be unfamiliar to each other.

And algorithms could be writing phrases like this too of course, which makes me wonder how much of the meaning they might recognise.

Shannon said...

Okay, now that's a strange list.

Porky said...

Yes it is. The designer in me also wonders now whether it's possible to play a kind of hide and seek over the web, with the players hiding completely new words in their posts and trying to find those of the others using search engines. The odds could be narrowed by using relatively strict themes, or having the words be the answers to puzzles, like cryptic crossword clues.