Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Ravelling yarns (1) - Plasma streaming

Something to start the whole thing off then. A near-future sci-fi snapshot complete with baffling but still largely comprehensible terminology, and a possible fantasy twist. It's a kind of pan-solar propaganda. Just for fun and hopefully inspiring in its reasonable wackiness. Questions, exclamations and criticism all more than welcome...

*      *      *      *      *      *

The blue-green reaches of Neptune - our sea of tranquility at last.

Solar life here finds promising harmony, the resource needs of the human clades no longer in conflict with the rights of the coalesced cloud-dwellers. The vast dirigibles of early gas extraction were sent into the crushing depths one by one for damage done in the trawling, for the reproductive cycles disrupted and individuals dissolved, isolated or killed. The Harm was done in turn by the Lifeguards and Nanohate remade the system, altering the cybernetics of all Sol.

Plasma streaming now allows the gases to be drawn away in single strands. The columns rise without cease from the upper atmosphere of the ice giant and are always drawn far from the shoaling coalesced. Filaments feed the broad tapes which then traverse the void in their invisible powered sheaths. The web of supply spun across solar space binds endoterran and exo in ever tighter embrace.

For the retropians of Triton looking up, the chariots of the gods streak the skies again.


Cronickain said...

Interesting Porky. Gas harvesters right?

Porky said...

That's it, at least at the beginning. The streaming idea comes from thinking we need a new way to do things, although someone else has certainly already thought of somethng similar. The issue of ecology and rights is lifted whole from the strifes of what is their Old Earth.