Friday, 31 December 2010

Viva la revolución!

Happy new Gregorian calendar year! Here's to another orbit of the sun, more or less!

If you want gaming inspiration for 2011, you might start with the personal summaries of games played - or not - at Creepy Corridor, Fire Broadside!, ArmChairGeneral, Plastic Legions, Super Galactic Dreadnought and Mik's Minis, all of which cover various options.

Need your lists of bests? Lazy Thoughts From a Boomer has best bits in blogs, books and movies. Asking the Wrong Questions has opinions I trust on best and worst books, while shadowplay does movies that appeared only in alternate universes...

Papa JJ at diceRolla has something similar, a list unpublished posts. This seems to me dangerously like the approach Zanazaz took at Have dice, will travel... re iron spikes...

Resolutions abound, but the reading list at Huge Ruined Pile is a huge ambitious pile. If that helps put you in your place in time, see Slight Foxing for your place in existence.

Finally, there may or may not be an actual arrow of time, but there is an Arrow of Time at Tower of the Archmage. Impeccable timing.

With Earth history moving on, I thought you might also appreciate a few speculative timelines, elements of histories and/or info on calendars. Here they are then, by scope.

The Old World, plus the Imperial Calendar (Warhammer)
Abeir-Toril (Forgotten Realms, D&D)
Arda, with an interactive calendar for comparison (The Lord of the Rings)
Discworld, plus the University Calendar
Krynn (Dragonlance, D&D)
Mystara (Mystara, D&D)
Oerth (World of Greyhawk, D&D)
Titan (Fighting Fantasy)
The Planet of the Apes (Planet of the Apes)
The Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy (Orion's Arm)
The Milky Way Galaxy (Warhammer 40,000)
The universe (Doctor Who)

Many more of course, but time is ticking down. For D&D generally, you might like this. If you have any more links, feel free to put them in the comments and I'll update the list.

We haven't had any music for a while so here's some in honour of this as a relatively significant moment in time. For the past, Dead Souls, and again with lyrics. For all the possible presents, Dātura. And for the future, which is always fresh and new, Lumina.

All the best!


The Happy Whisk said...

Looks like you're enjoying blogging. I hope that you are. Wishing you the best, as well.

Happy Eating.

Xyanthon said...

Buon Anno! Happy New Year!

kriz said...

All the best in 2011, happy ew years.

Porky said...

Thanks very much! To you too, hoping you had a good night, good eating and are looking forward to a great 2011!

As an aside, I've been adding a few more links to posts I didn't wait around for yesterday, or which were put up today.

For anyone interested in the science of years, mentioned at the beginning, Bad Astronomy has since posted plenty on the subject.

Satiran said...

A happy new year, sieur! My own lopsided orbit has recently carried me out of the blogosphere and away from the Omniverse of gaming for the time being. Rest assured, I will check in whenever I circle back into scanner range. The Expanse seems to be coming along, in all ways splendid.

Thanks for the links to music - new and wonderful to these ears.

Porky said...

Happy New Year to you too, and welcome back! I'm glad you find so much to like. They're closely linked - if the Expanse had a soundtrack, those pieces would be on it.

If you've recovered from the last, there's a whole new alien post here I can inflict on you. No one has dared touch it yet...

Ludo Weyden said...

Happy new year to you and a good 2011. cheers!

Porky said...

Thanks, and to you - I hope it's started well and gets better!