Saturday, 1 January 2011

Our kryptonites

May I be the first on this bright day - painful for so many - to mention transmutation of matter.

At the thought-provoking Science In My Fiction yesterday the discussion turned to the practical and economic uses of superhero powers, the potential for supers to do more of a day's work.

If we can't be space marines with their many implants, and specifically the oolitic kidney with its emergency filtering of the blood, a superhero service provider wouldn't be such a bad idea. Who would even need the spectacular powers of an Alchemy, Metamorpho or Edward Elric? We can heed Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer and break them into parts. The enterprising superhero wouldn't want much more than a good reach. That's right...

With teletransmutation of a long enough range, riches could be made on dial-a-seltzer.

On the subject, Aeons & Augauries has a series on weird weapons, the latest here.


Cronickain said...

Good post and great topic! Could you imagine how effective a space marine critter remover would be?

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Happy First!

Porky said...

Happy First to you too, and well done on the site!

When you get under the skin of a space marine they do get more believable. Although they're pulp on the outside, a lot of thought has gone into the innards. Black Library has the novel Space Marine by Ian Watson on print-on-demand and that has the most feasible description of the process of making a marine I think we'll get.