Wednesday, 26 January 2011


No difference and every difference this time. I'm aiming to satisfy most of the pulp wargamers and still keep the promise to Harald, to recommend a blog which is pure roleplaying and storytelling.

It's ix.

What's the blog all about? All I can say with a certainty is the parts are wondrous, but the whole is something else. I can give you links, but you need to feel your way in.

If ix has a guide for the newcomer, a Rosetta Stone or universal translator, it's this post, on Humanspace Empires. Sci-fi fans and wordbuilders especially should find their hearts open. If you need more input and love a map, the next post has it. Forget 40,000, this is 62,000. More on the planned books here and a timeline here.

On the subject of 40K, think you know Tau? Think again here. For aliens, you need this and this (possible models at diceRolla). For transhumans, try this. For something that might be mixing them all, this, a dungeon setting in space, a space hulk of sorts.

We've discussed spirituality here a lot over the last few days and if you enjoyed that, you'll surely enjoy this review of The Unknown Gods.

The blog is also involved in the domain-level project at Hill Cantons, as may be clear from this tale, also featuring a certain Lohan.

And if you think 2012 is the end, need we say you may be mistaken?

If you've made it this far, your possible reward is the news that ix also appreciates the female form, especially as embodied in Jenny Agutter, and specifically Jessica 6 in Logan's Run. It's a fine line between presentation and exploitation, as I try to point out here, but this time I think the partial nudity just scrapes through. So where's the link?

Remember, it's the journey and the sights on the way, not the destination - explore!

That's ix.

Don't forget the previous PROTOSTARS!


Chris Kutalik said...

Blogs tend to come in generational waves. I tend also to find good new ones with momentum to be among the best reads.

Papa JJ said...

ix looks like another great find, with your endorsement I am excited to do some exploring there of my own. You have such a good nose for finding the most interesting blogs, keep the recommendations coming!

Also thank you very much for including diceRolla in today's PROTOSTARS!, it's very kind of you to think of that. :)

The Angry Lurker said...

Exploring as fast as my knees will let me.

Porky said...

@ ckutalik - You have a whole year and a half behind you now so there's at least one exception to that rule...

@ Papa JJ - It would be hard to think of space frogs without thinking of those guys - they'll be long in the memory!

@ The Angry Lurker - True grit! Only one more day to go. It's a noble calling.