Sunday, 30 January 2011

Triffles (1) - A makeshift bridge

A series for possible inspiration I'll try to keep coming regularly, even daily if I can.

These are simple, hopefully useful ideas sniffed out - 'truffles' - but with three elements to them - Triffles - for use in in any kind of fiction, whether wargaming, roleplaying or writing. Today's for example could be inspiration for a terrain piece in wargaming, a geomorph in roleplaying or a scene in a story, and might work well in a mystery of sorts.

I've given options to better fit it to either fantasy or a sci-fi / modern setting. It builds on recent or reactivated subjects at the Expanse, in this case portals, the choppa and food.

a felled tree / transmission pylon,
lying across a barrier


a makeshift bridge

/             \

loosed arrows/bolts /             gathered fungus /
   spent rounds                      salvaged cable

Here the uncertainty relates to the type of barrier, whether a watercourse, a fence or a wall - or something stranger - and the order of events. Is anyone still around?

Wargaming Workshop has a photo up now of something a little more advanced. If you want to model that pylon, try this post at Nesbet Miniatures.

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