Friday, 14 January 2011

Hanging back

I've finally caught up with the blogs in the rolls and my head is swimming with ideas. I feel just a little like this poor woman, but since none of the bloggers is "an unspeakable horror from hell" (probably), it's more "Fantastic!" and "Weird!" than "Horrifying!" She at least doesn't need to worry about her figure now.

I'll get back to you on more than a few of the ideas - count on that - but for now there's work to be done. A while back I put up a post aimed at tieing up loose ends in our reaches of the blogosphere, and the time has come to do it again. On my recent jumps I've found a fair few bloggers calling for backup.

Here we go.

First up is Ricalope at Ricalopia, who has a scratchbuilt walker and is wondering whether anyone can suggest rules for its use in the GW specialist game Inquisitor.

Warpaintguy at WarPaint has two loose ends, or rather two open ends. That is to say he has two requests. First, can anyone reading confirm this rules clarification for a missile-equipped space marine landspeeder? Second, he's after any suggestions for the direction of a new and unfamiliar Ork army.

At A Gentleman's Ones the gentlemanly b.smoove has requests for assistance in the production of Kill Zone, first with graphic design, second with tokens and / or markers and third with ideas for Secondary Objective and Fate cards. This is your chance for glory. Any and all fans of skirmish games and / or the 40K universe should take a look at the game itself too, which is available completely free of charge at Galaxy in Flames.

I have one this time too, re rules for recreating Ghostbusters, and it's in the comments below this well-rounded post at Carmen's fun painty time. Evilcartoonist has pointed me in a good direction, but I do still wonder if there wasn't a licensed version too.

Less of a request and more a pair of contests, Loquacious is looking for a slogan and banner for her blog, World of Wonder, and will even give things away to the successful parties. You've got a month so don't rush off - there's more here yet, much more...

... and this is it. The frank and adult-oriented Playing D&D With Porn Stars has a very special project underway, and anyone can get involved. The gigacrawler. It may not be as seedy as it might sound, but who knows? I can't do it justice here so take a look if you have time, mental capacity and ideally ideas to spare. Thanks to Old School Heretic for making sure I found out early - NetherWerk's related post is well worth a read.

The light fades here at the bottom of the post, and the outer dark closes in - Swords Against the Outer Dark to be exact, where Shane Mangus is looking to raise funds to keep the art flowing and has practical copies up for sale.

If you need funds too and have hobby materials to part with, don't forget the Scavenger's Depot, Zanazaz's community market stall.

I do actually have more than the ghostbusting this time - if you can add to the lists of hobby-inspiring films from the seventies, or fictional timelines or mines, go right ahead.

I'll see you there, and in this space when I've got all the new thoughts more in order.


The Happy Whisk said...

Thanks for all the updates, Porky.

BaBuGames said...

Thanks bud, you're really helping me a lot! You'd be pleased to hear the gretchin and runtherd are released from their box, cut from their sprue and freed from their moldlines. I actually spend 2 hours putting 11 bases together because I want something good for this army, oh, and I think I got a theme...more to be revealed soon!


The Angry Lurker said...

Checking them out now.

Porky said...

@ The Happy Whisk - No trouble, but I'm just the messenger!

@ Warpaintguy - Again, no probs, and I'm glad to hear it all. It was definitely good advice - when b.smoove speaks, we have to act! I look forward to the unveiling.

@ The Angry Lurker - Fingers crossed you can help.

netherwerks said...

Hey Porky--thanks for the shout out; be sure to drop by Zalchis sometime...

Porky said...

I just dropped by, loved it and will certainly be coming back. That's another great site in the NetherWerks stable!

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

I've also got a question or two, though I may not have been clear that they are, and some of them I haven't asked yet.

1. Warmachine: How much will the 15 and 100 point lists cost, roughly? Especially useful would be any guidelines people could give on how much the different "groups" would cost.

2. Warmachine: If I can't get the paints recommended for my army, what are the closest ones to them that you know of?

3. D&D (Any version): I'm looking for any feedback from those who have used the houserules for potion tasting.

3. Related, AD&D Specific: Same for the Witch rules.

Also, I'm going to go take a look at The Scavenger's Depot, as I have a ton of cardboard on hand that people can build terrain with it.

Capcha: Ejackill (E jack ill). Kinda interesting, considering the fact that 2/3rds of my questions are Warmachine related.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Oh well. It looks like "hobby materials" may have been too general. He's mostly looking for books and minis, which would be the same things I'm looking for. Plus, no Cryx, Cygnar, or Khador are in the Trading Pile.