Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Left hanging

I do a lot of blog reading and come across all kinds of interesting posts, many of which are looking for some feedback. Today is no exception, with a wide range of subjects and much still open.

You're getting drafted in. Here we go then.

Cursed13 at The Dark Workshop has a special character for
40K he'd like a view on. The thoughts on development and the process he worked through are well worth a read anyway.

Cyborg Trucker has a question for anyone clued up about Imperial titans over at his Roleplaying and Wargaming Blog.
Look around while you're there - if you're like me, it's another good reason to wish you'd paid more attention in woodwork...

Lord Gwydion at What a horrible night to have a curse... is wondering what on earth's up with ninjas all of a sudden. Every blogger must have a question like this.

Pointyman2000 at Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer is asking if anyone's ever tried a superhero campaign with heroes not so super. Now that's getting on for deep.

Rachel at Slight Foxing has a list of books read and unread this year with thoughts and reasons, and would like to know what surprised you in 2010. Won't take long for me to get back - 2010 was possibly a record low in books read. Must do better...

While not strictly a question, Freakazoid at Lazy and Distracted is having a difficult time with GW mail order and may need reassuring all will turn out well.

Finally, despite the request at Destination Unknown for a refreshing new D&D being met with a deluge, you might have something to add. You might find something for yourself.

If you've got answers, don't hold back. More of us are waiting with every minute...

Update: A new blog hoves into view with Papa JJ of diceRolla at the helm. It's The Cold Vacuum of Space, but it looks hot from here. Feedback on the images and ideas is welcome. Double O Sven is cited as inspiration, and that's a destination in itself.


ArmChairGeneral said...

Great combination of these posts.

Papa JJ said...

Thank you for including my new blog and adding it to your SoHS - Fuller Spectrum list, that's very gracious of you. It looks like you've assembled a lot of good links to check out, thanks Porky!

Cursed13 said...

Thanks for the shout out Porky, I was wondering why I was getting so many views XD.
GW mail orders? I know all about that. All I wanted was two Space Marine veterans mailed to my local GW store which isn't all that local, took four different attempts across two different stores (they were moving by the third or fourth month), taking a total of six months to accomplish. All I got for my trouble was meager and sheepish apologies and my two veterans after six months.

Porky said...

@ ArmChairGeneral - There's so much out there that subjects often match up. Questions and requests sometimes go unanswered, which is a pity because getting a response is really only about widening the audience enough to find the right person.

@ Papa JJ - It's a great blog and will definitely interest a lot of people. I agree - the links in the lists are all worth a look and I'd encourage everyone to explore them.

@ Cursed13 - Glad to hear it - hopefully someone can help. I'm also hoping the mail order horror stories are the exception rather than the rule, especially if the future of shopping is online.

Freakazoid said...

I have to thank you too for mentioning my painful travel into the depths of GW online mailorder. Also hope that my experience with them is the needle in the haystack.

ArmChairGeneral said...

Speaking of that I need to go check on the D6 post.

Porky said...

@ Freakazoid - May it be!

@ ArmChairGeneral - Desert Scribe might have added his comment since you last looked, and there's more to say yet. If you haven't already seen it, Zanazaz has a post up on the D20:


Anyone wanting to join the discussion on the D6 versus a range of dice can keep commenting:


We're both still interested and I'll bet we're not the only ones.