Saturday, 4 December 2010

Porky does some modelling

I recently co-wrote that really long article at Bell of Lost Souls with Brent from Strictly Average. Maybe you're still reading it? In it I wrote a lot about the community and the hobby, and I talked about my own experiences a bit too. Here's the key quote:

With the intricate ecosystem of ideas I've come to value most of all imagination. I've decided that for me personally the reconciliation can only come with model and greenstuff in hand, making the individual dream real, but within a caring, sharing community.

Big words.

I want to show I meant them. The plan then is to live the dream publicly (very publicly) with Porky's Expanse! as the platform. Mainly I want to show what can be done with just the components of a plastic kit, a modelling knife and greenstuff. I also want to prove that great results can come from imagination, a little thought and steady improvement.

I can't yet match the work at places like Paul's Bods, and that's not really the point. What I want to do is show how a miniature can be made more detailed, characterful and unique. If you're more a wargamer, it's not realistic that a whole army will be converted in this way, but special troopers, squad leaders and characters are feasible. If you're more a roleplayer and use or want to use miniatures, those representing your characters need to look right and will no doubt reward the extra time spent on them.

So which models will I use first? Some hints:

  • I've liked them since I started out.
  • They're a mix of interesting and fun concepts.
  • I think the concepts have a lot of modelling potential.

That could be anything - if you haven't read the article of course. But I'm no one's fool - I know my limits. So here's the rest:

  • Their appearance and technology are rough and ready.
  • They're quite big. Like my fingers.

So what am I talking about? One word says it all:


The article I wrote for Blue Table Painting a week or so ago will get you up to speed if you're still in the dark. Back soon with the first of many dodgy pics.


Paul´s Bods said...

This I really look forward to my friend :-)

Papa JJ said...

I'm excited to see what you've dreamed up, this seems like it's going to be a really cool demonstration and discussion. Thanks, Porky!

Porky said...

Now I worry I've built it up too much...