Saturday, 11 December 2010

A word in your ear

Worth a read if like me you have too little time to keep up or even find the ones you might enjoy. There are so many out there that searching unaided is hard going. The last podcast I listened to was reviewed briefly in this post.

For podcasts on roleplaying, you could start your research with this page at RPG Bloggers, or this older list at Bibliophile Stalker.

I'd be very interested in a podcast for both wargaming and roleplaying, and I'm probably not the only potential new listener. If anyone can recommend one, please do.


Harald said...

While I haven't found a RPG-related podcast I care to listen to yet, I cannot recommend The History of Rome warmly enough. The podcast starts with the foundation of Rome, and plans on going all teh way up to the last western Emperor.

Try the first few episodes, and the odds are good you'll end up hooked.

Porky said...

Now that's a project and a half - and it looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do! Thanks for the link. It does look like I'll enjoy it if I can only fit it in.

I ought to clarify that there is time in my life for podcasts, when I'm working on something other than a text for example. The main issue is that I don't think to use the time for listening to this kind of resource. Need to change that.