Friday, 17 December 2010

From stardust to moondust and beyond

Regular readers know by now I have a bit of a thing for aliens and their potential reality. Here's a wonderful line from The BFG by Roald Dahl, coming out of nowhere in the book.

'I'll bet you is also finding it hard to believe in quogwinkles,' the BFG said, 'and how they is visiting us from the stars.'

I is not finding it all that hard to believe, even if living in an age of science has me demanding a proof of the thing, and one requiring multiple layers of trust.

For we dreamers, there's speculative fiction as well as action. Secure Immaturity today applies the usual analysis to a sci-fi staple in a stimulating article about Star Trek and metaphor. Not everyone's cup of tea it's admitted even there.

The blog as a whole might not seem to be one of ours, but the authors are as much like us as we are each other. After all, even the quogwinkles are made of stardust.


Dave G _ Nplusplus said...

loved this book as a kid.

Porky said...

You might still; I did. And it's got me wanting to re-read much more by Dahl.

The Happy Whisk said...

Good quote. Love Dahl.

Porky said...

I've got Boy sitting close by for the next re-read. It may have to wait some time, but I'll get there.