Monday, 24 January 2011


A new PROTOSTAR!, a gaming blog of such quality it deserves 113 followers rather than 13. I'm not superstitious, but we do need to get it off that number.

The attractions then, and they are many.

Terrain-building - an excellent tower, designed for sci-fi, but close to Orthanc in design, and part of a larger outpost, as well as a stunning Gothic cathedral tower, a Tyranid reclamation pool, sci-fi containers and a superb modular hill. Pages of inspiration, advice and pretty pictures, and downloadable plans too.

Red planet - getting a good red planet tabletop, a technique also suitable for many a battlemat, and basing miniatures in the style.

Painting - a superb and thorough Tervigon tutorial, but with much for all, especially painters of Tyranids, pulp aliens and monsters, and stranger creatures in general.

Miniatures - classic 40K space marines and their wargear as well as classic Epic-scale models including titans - a Warlord, a brace of Warhounds and a Reaver (mentioned here before) - and examples from two topical space marine chapters: the rejuvenated Dark Angels and the Ultramarines of movie fame.

And if you want to know more about the blogger, here's a post with a surprising but satisfying blend - ninjas, D&D, Blood Bowl and LARPing.

The moreish Confessions of a 40K addict. You might develop a habit.

Don't forget the previous PROTOSTARS!



Unknown said...

O Porky, far-roaming ranger of the Bloglands, your map of stars less travelled awakens my wanderlust. On your journeys, I pray you keep a weather eye out for stars of roleplaying and storytelling. To those realms I will follow you.

Porky said...

I see all kinds, but I don't want to steal the thunder of Tim at Gothridge Manor. I came close this time, but held off. I do try to highlight the elements that pure roleplayers might be interested in, and the last blog especially, Fire Broadside!, was a good mixture of game types. You've pushed me over the edge though - the next will be pure roleplaying and storytelling.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

I was going through the archives, and: This is not fair! You is leaving us not knowing what a quogwinkle is!

Anyway, thanks for the links. I'll check them out.

Porky said...

Believe me, if I knew I'd tell you! But I really love the fact we never actually find out. After some pointed and fairly accurate criticism of human beans for believing in nothing unless it's "right in front of their own schnozzles", we get this last thought:

"Of course quogwinkles is existing. I is meeting them oftenly. I is even chittering to them."

Brian said...

This is a great series. Thank you. Great tip on an astounding blog.

Porky said...

Thanks, but a blog as good as this forces the hand.

Martin said...

Yeah, very nice blog. The Read Mars stuff interest me in particular since I've been thinking about doing something like that myself.

One more blog to add to the list. :)

Porky said...

Red planets have a fair chunk of the collective imagination, that's very clear..!

My list of blogs followed is getting impractically long. Too much to see, too little to see it with.