Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Here we are then, the first top blog I believe has too few followers.

I've gone with the series title PROTOSTARS! because it's very pulp, but also because if the blogrolls are home to stars of hobbyspace, those with less followers can be thought of as protostars. It's not to patronise - the point is not that the blogs are young or new, just that I think they deserve more readers - but if you feel it's patronising, it can change.

They got lucky really, because they could have been Porky's Golden Truffles. I thought about it. Then again, a protostar becomes a star when it gets T Tauri wind, so if they're getting wind from Porky, perhaps luck's the wrong word...

The capital letters are to just grab maximum attention, plus they're pulp. Everyone knows exclamation marks are pulp too.

Enough theory. Today I want to thrust Blighty Waaagh Boys into the light of the assembled constellations. You are the assembled constellations.

I've been following Blighty for a while now and I'm more glad with every post. The blog focuses on wargaming, and specifically 40K, and specifically Orks - the main reason for the choice of Blighty as first candidate to feature is the Ork theme of the past weekend. But wait! Before everyone not an Ork player tunes out, I want to say that I chose the blog also because there's far more there than meets the eye.

Blighty has so far specialised in datasheets for Apocalypse, the scaled up version of 40K. For those who don't know, Apocalypse is a chance for players to field a larger range of models, but they also allow for new formations or units to be created by imaginative players. We have among us one of those players.

Blighty's great talent is to inspire us and make us think, even those of us who may never use the ideas in the given form. I challenge anyone - wargamer, roleplayer, writer or other lover of fiction - to read the latest datasheet and not wonder. Ignore the numbers and specific rules and just read the descriptions. In one small supplement to a game expansion many may never play, we are given a creative insight into a fictional civilisation and culture, and a development of the dynamics between the classes they are home to. This is material for worldbuilding, and the details could be plot points in a short story, novel, skirmish game or roleplaying session.

Blighty inhabits the world and sends us dispatches. I say follow him and get them too.

And if that hasn't won you over, take a look at these kans.

That's Blighty Waaagh Boys.


Papa JJ said...

Followed! Thanks for the recommendation, Porky, I can hardly wait to see what other blogs you find that deserve more attention. I know already this will be one of my favorite features.

Porky said...

There are a lot of good blogs out there so no chance of options running short - the difficulty is only in deciding which to feature first! Followers are up at Blighty's, and hopefully the blog is on the radar of plenty more without a profile too.

Blighty Waaagh Boys said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I hope readers will find the blog helpful and inspirational.
I have lot more Apocalypse bits to come. ‘Well, it’s a good excuse to make and play with old Epic machines 40k style’.
I’m yet to post the particular fluff of my army; Home-world, Tribe Structure (mobs, households, Families) & Back Story.
All coming soon and masses of other articles.

Thanks Porky. (Really like what your doing with your Boys)
Keep up the good work.

Porky said...

No worries. It seems to me it can only be helpful and inspirational, and the upcoming material sounds like more reason to stay tuned.

Good reminder too - more modelling is due.