Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Fundamental laws of a fictional universe (2)

There's a bold venture on the cards at Ostensible Cat and I'm behind it all the way. It's clear Johnathan wants not just a new game, but a new kind of game, one breaking new ground. It must be possible. For an existing game that doesn't necessarily fit the mould, see Harald's review of Itras by at The Book of Days. Synapse looks very promising too.

How would this affect those fundamental laws of a fictional universe? Well, I'm not sure they'd be so easy to lose. They're extensions of our nature after all, our expectations of a story and our willingness to pay with time and money, whether it's a story in cinema, literature or gaming. To change those expectations and that willingness we have to change ourselves. A noble mission, and not such a strange one at this time of year.

Here then are two more cards for the growing deck. The aim is manifold: first to allow the big events of fiction into your games; second to break down the barriers in how we define game types; third to identify recurring tropes as the first step to moving beyond them.

For the definitions of 'playing piece' and 'animate playing piece' see the original post. Again, they're all yours to do with as you will: no copyright - they're not my ideas.

Any and all feedback welcome, on the cards themselves or on breaking those laws.

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