Monday, 10 January 2011


This weekend I was lucky enough to receive wonderful gifts by email. I've thanked the senders and I'm very grateful for their generosity. The same goes for the responses to this weekend's posts, which were far more, and more positive, than I could have hoped.

But I'm grateful for much more too and I want to say a bigger thanks, to everyone in this corner of the blogosphere for the sharing and the mutual encouragement and support. I visit a lot of blogs and I'm constantly amazed by the wealth of ideas and big-hearted giving in posts and comments. Being a part of this is always a pleasure, often stimulating and at times even electrifying. It's sometimes too much to take in.

Porky's Expanse! is a fairly new kid on the block, but has somehow managed to pick up 59 intrepid fellow explorers, as well an array of good people giving welcome feedback and ever greater numbers just reading quietly. To all of you too I am very grateful.

I've decided I want to give a little something back in a more direct way. Whenever I have a mind too clouded with thoughts to find anything of value to say, I'll turn attention to the blogs that deserve far more of the limelight. There are so many with so much to offer. Hopefully more will find them and gain from the knowing. We'll all be the richer for that.

In the meantime, I encourage everyone reading this to travel as widely as they can through 'hobbyspace', to visit new blogs they've not read before, and to get involved and give feedback. Those listed in the left column are my particular recommendations, based on what I've had the privilege to visit so far. Be bold, and I think you'll like what you find!

Thanks again.


The Angry Lurker said...

Your blog is nothing if not interesting and challenges people to think about their ideas and thoughts about their hobby, well it does to me because sometimes I just go What?

BaBuGames said...

wow, I just started following your blog this morning when I found it through the gentlemens one's-blog and already i get an appreciation post!Seriously, I love your work on the orks, very inspriring and as I told the owner of a gentlemens one's-blog you guys make me want to start an Ork Force. Keep them coming and i'll keep reading.(ow, and I have you on my bloglist to make sure i don't miss an update and you get even more traffic!)


MIK said...

I like to call it "hobospace".


The Happy Whisk said...

Good job, Porky. Keep up the great posts.

Cronickain said...

We are glad to have you with us!

Pontifex said...

Am I being included in the gift givers? Thanks for the honor

Chris Kutalik said...

Yeah keep them coming. One thing I enjoy about blogging is that it is a community-building medium.

Billy Sugger said...

Make that 60!

Porky said...

Enough, enough! Thanks and triple thanks for the response - you people are really great.

@ The Angry Lurker - That's praise indeed. I'm glad the 'What?' factor comes in sometimes, and if I need a way of marking the difficulty, I've got one now: 'What factor nine, Mr Lurker!'

@ Warpaintguy - Thanks very much, on following and the blogroll. If I follow a blog I put it in blogroll so yours is definitely going in. I like the way you think about what you're painting, and the converting of course. In fact, as far as I know there's only one blog that's in the lists I don't follow, and that's the magical mystery blog.

@ Gyro - I didn't know you had a podcast, but it looks like I might have found the one I've been looking for, the one that gives all approaches to gaming a look in. I need to give it a listen.

@ The Happy Whisk - Thanks! I feel like you must so often, overrun by comments! It's a good feeling.

@ ArmChairGeneral - I'm glad you're here too, and you're really a popular guy - Gyro has When the Navy Walked in the current episode.

@ Greg Christopher - That's you - thanks again. From what I've seen the game is a beauty, and I can wait to dig deeper.

@ ckutalik - No worries there - I don't think I can stop! It's a great community.

@ Jugglepunk - Thanks very much for rounding it out. I hope very much there'll be more along to gawk at the pics - the vision's a good one.

The Happy Whisk said...

Glad to read you're having fun. In celebration of 60, I'm teleporting you a fresh bagel. That is, if I can pry it away from Tim. It's not looking good.