Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Porky models - Ork (2) - Stikkbomb 1

Determined Dave from Roll With It got the right end of the stick.

Here are the parts for an extra stikkbomb we saw hidden in the three arms.

They are - from top to bottom - the ring from the base of the slugga, a section of the axe haft, the barrel of the shoota and the remainder of the axe-wielding arm itself.

Here's how they went together.

The edges of the can are a little sharp so I finished the binding with some greenstuff. I also tinkered a bit, extending the apparently superfluous strap on the upper arm and adding a bracelet with an Ork tooth emerging from the glove.

A view from the bottom up.

And top down.

The strap extension is just a short length of greenstuff worked onto and over the plastic of the strap, shaped and folded over as if hanging stiffly. The tooth was made by playing with a bulb of wet greenstuff and carefully working opposite sides out into tip and root. The bracelet was a length of greenstuff broken down into short strands, which were then stretched out thinner and carefully twisted together.

Having done this, I would repeat the advice given in the tutorial at From the Warp - the greenstuff should be kept wet. I simply submerged the amount I was working with in a saucer of water. The one downside of it being wet is that it will also not so easily stick to the surface of the model, so when working on the strap and bracelet I had to be sure I had a secure connection at the first fixing point before I could continue shaping.

Monstrous teeth, bracelets and straps have their place in all kinds of games in which miniatures are or can be used. I hope the imagination has been stirred.

Next up, a torso for this growing Ork boy.


Papa JJ said...

This looks great, very clever use of leftover bits.

Paul´s Bods said...

Great conversion...and as Papa JJ has said..very clever use of leftover bits

christian said...

That's some nice work! Can't wait to see the final product.

Dave said...

Haha, I knew it! :) Its a nice use (dare I say original?) of the shoota muzzle and it makes a really effective Stikkbomb.

Porky said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad you liked it. It was actually really good fun, and that's probably the key.

@ Papa JJ & Paul's Bods - I just can't leave the leftover bits alone. Everything gets kept. I'm sure you both do it too, but it's good advice for anyone new to miniatures - you never know when something will come in handy.

@ Christian - I'm also impatient to see it, but don't hold your breath - it's gonna be a while!

@ Dave - You're a canny guy! I'd like to believe I've blazed a trail, but it's probably not true. I've always disliked that particular barrel and wondered what could be done with it. The thought must have occurred to others, and Ork modellers especially need to be creative.

Dave said...

Porky; would you drop me an email at david.ellis98 at I'd like to ask you a couple of things if you have the time.