Saturday, 18 June 2011

Chaos dwarves, dwarves and a broad blunderbuss

Brian at A Gentleman's Ones has some classic Citadel Chaos dwarves and dwarves for sale. They look great. I like the later Chaos dwarf style too, though I know it's not everyone's favourite, and ideas like the blunderbuss. Interesting weapon in general.

I've statted one up. I used Gotthammer's FireZone, which may be aimed more at sci-fi, but can certainly cope with fantasy, and has plenty of options for weapons. It's a very well-made skirmish game and free to download. I plan to do some sci-fi stats for it too.

Broad blunderbuss

The broad blunderbuss is a tough, crude, ranged weapon with a flaring barrel and bore. It is filled through the muzzle with solid shot, whether cast metal or simple scrap, brick or stone. A black powder charge spews the mass a short distance across a wide arc.

Range  Acc  RoF  Dam  Type
  3 / 3"    +1     1       5     Jet 9/3, Reload 2

Notes: Range in FireZone is split into bands, with a modifier for each full band out from the firer; the first number is the number of bands and the second the length of each.

The blunderbuss also fires a Jet, and the extra numbers are the dimensions of the cone, a length of 9" and a width of 3" at the broad end. Accuracy here is a small bonus to represent the overall difficulty of missing. The weapon has a Rate of Fire of 1 and not surprisingly a reload is necessary, requiring 2 Action Points, likely to mean about a turn.

I've kept Damage low relative to the sci-fi weapons Gotthammer stats up in the pdf.

I hope I've not missed anything, but if I have, feel free to point it out. If you haven't had a read of FireZone yet, I recommend you do. It's here. Don't forget Brian's dwarves though.


Gotthammer said...

Thanks Mr Porky, your stats look solid to me (though in truth I wing it when I write my own!).

I would probably also make it a Close Quater Comabat (CQC) type weapon, allowing it to be fired at point blank range as would befit a shotgun type weapon.

Great to see some more ideas coming from the rules, and thanks for the plug!

Porky said...

Relief - I'm glad there's no major rewrite..!

I agree on CQC - how could I not? - and looking back at the sample firearms in the pdf I see you've used it just like this on the carbine. Another deft touch.

I've got some mixing up in mind, and hopefully at some point this week I'll be able to sit down and work the first through.