Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Even more for fiddlers on roofs

A comment ckutalik left at a previous post this weekend reminded me what a cool thing NetherWerks have with their roofcrawling.

Roofcrawling is all about adventures set high above ground, through attics and over rooftops, a complement to classic D&D dungeoncrawling.

They've made the concept a living table at DM Muse, so we can all add ideas and generate them online, for inspiration in creating fiction.

I've put two batches in so far, of 20 and 29. Inspired again now, there are 20 more here, making 110 in total. Go check the table out, and maybe even add an idea or three.

  1. The roof here has been torn away, its skeletal truss exposed to the elements.
  2. Strange energies spark and crackle from beyond the nearest roof slope.
  3. 2D4 thick-stranded webs span this passage, many with prey trapped...
  4. With a roar and rush of disturbed air a conical projectile passes overhead.
  5. A broad window sits in a facing wall - did those curtains twitch?
  6. 1 Rain Cloud hovers here, scudding forward when sighted.
  7. The wind grows and a tornado touches down, stripping tiles and toppling walls.
  8. A tree bearing 4D8 exotic fruits is rooted among tiles beneath a high window.
  9. This section of open space is transfixed in a sunbeam that seems almost solid.
  10. A poignant song may be heard, seemingly lilting from a lofty minaret.
  11. A line suddenly uncoils from above, and 2D6 figures rapidly descend.
  12. A large, baited trap lies partially concealed beneath shattered tiles and weeds.
  13. A great, hairy creature is far off scaling a tower.
  14. A whoop is heard from the low cloud above.
  15. Cries rise from the street below, heralding a hail of incoming missiles.
  16. 3D4 varied items of furniture stand here, apparently discarded, but not emptied...
  17. The dome of an observatory rises, and is open with telescope extended.
  18. Another rooftop explorer, shocked to discover that others have penetrated so far.
  19. A base camp, occupied by 1D8 Social Climber(s).
  20. The flat roof here opens down into a yawning bay filled with machinery.

They'll be ready to roll at DM Muse soon. New entries - and even tables - are welcome.


netherwerks said...

Nice addition to the Living table! We especially like 19. the 'Social climber(s).' That's fun! We'll add this to the Roofcrawling Index Page shortly--we just added another thirty encounters for further Roofcrawling ourselves over at netherwerks. There is certainly a lot more yet to come...

Porky said...

Cool - I'll be over in just a mo.

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