Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Glug, glug, gurgle - Living table (2) - Entries 51-70

Some more entries for the Bodies of Water table at DM Muse, begun about a fortnight ago here.

The table is a tool to inspire gamers and writers creating pools, ponds or lakes, even small seas.

It's a generator, meaning it allows entries to be selected randomly using dice or other methods, although sites like DM Muse automate this.

This extra 20 makes a total of 70 so far, plenty to work with, but this is a living table, which means anyone can add entries. Yours are very welcome.

This time I've gone with weird ones, but aimed again to keep them mostly non-genre and avoid being too specific about the surrounding area.

  1. The liquid here forms the lens of an eye belonging to a subterranean creature.
  2. The body of water is a vessel from which extraplanar beings sup.
  3. Transdimensional currents refresh the waters; what will wash in?
  4. The land is sorrowful, and its tears have filled this depression.
  5. Flames dance across the surface.
  6. The surface foams.
  7. The waters evoke an intense craving for dusty, arid spaces.
  8. The body has its own isolated cycle, clouds forming and bursting above.
  9. A waterrise carries the glittering contents of the pool far up into the sky.
  10. Tubes run out over the bank and away across the countryside.
  11. The liquid is a highly volatile substance held in check by powerful fields.
  12. The location draws strange flying craft to drink and so gain new energy.
  13. A beacon stands unlit on a promontory.
  14. The swampiness of the land suggests this body of water has recently shrunk.
  15. The surface is no more than a projection.
  16. The surface is found to be entirely solid - and hollow!
  17. An eyestalk or periscope quietly observes.
  18. A protuberance emerges at irregular intervals to run slowly over the banks.
  19. The banks are extremely slippery and draw the unsuspecting inexorably inwards.
  20. The reflections here are in fact scale models placed just below the surface.

I've fed them in at DM Muse as usual so they should be listed and ready to start rolling soon. If you have an idea or two for entries, or even a whole new table, you can join in.


Bartender said...

Fake water glue is too expensive to have the kind of scenery you describe :(

Porky said...

That's true. This kind of thing is certainly easier to use in pen and paper roleplaying than tabletop wargaming.