Friday, 17 June 2011

Lost heart

No 40K OSR? post today. I've had too much positivity leeched out following events in the D&D OSR. A lot of passion is going into destruction of ideas, other people, into a downward spiral. We've likely all complained, expressed strong opinions, gone far, but why do knowing hurt? So much for games being the place we let loose those energies.

The Joesky tax has been hinted at heavily. It's never seemed more appropriate, or more appropriately named. Today's offering then? Well, being led by example, it might be this; some especially dark propluristemic content, here largely above system and setting.

The Mark of Progress

Play a preferred ruleset. Enhance the experience by tearing up someone else's. None not already torn up? Tear into a playstyle. Or player. Little character and class needed.


Unknown said...

There's nothing like a good complaining - my favourite victim would be the new World of Darkness. But as soon as it becomes a crusade, something's gone wrong. I quickly tune out of those kind of conversations (shouting matches/cat fights/battles) because nothing productive ever comes out of it. Life is too short for that kind of behaviour, whether it's about gaming, music, politics or whatever.

Porky said...

I think we need more positivity. What do we like? Let's talk about that instead. That approach has all kinds of knock-on benefits too.

I like the exploring that's going on, and the breadth of that exploration in terms of systems and settings and underlying concepts, and the thoughtful comment discussing it, whatever it is that thoughtful comment may be saying.

Zanazaz said...

The problem I have is that most of the people expressing their opinion can't do it without using offensive language, or hurling insults. That really isn't intelligent, and doesn't help them make their point.

Gothridge Manor said...

The points they were discussing were valid, but it devolved into pettiness and to the point where everyone was talking and no one is listening so what ever point they were trying to make got lost in the noise. I know you'll keep it positive. Happy trees.

Porky said...

@ Zanazaz - I see what you mean. The language certainly surprised me - individual aggression too. And a lot of the reasoning seemed rather poor on the whole. Plenty to learn I think.

@ Tim Shorts - That's reads like a fair summary to me. Positions tend to compact rather than loosen under pressure. I hope we can all keep it positive, and you've shown a way.