Friday, 15 July 2011

Drunk and new orderly

A quick post with links to new ideas for gaming, a set of counters and a little fiction.

The fiction is for Flash Fearsday, which I forgot yesterday. The idea is to write a short and hopefully scary narrative. I've gone with game-related and the usual 140 characters.

"Smith! That was out of character." 
"They made me. They're drunk." 
"One's a master, but the others... Our world - to them it's a game!"

If only characters knew what players can put them through. Maybe they do? You can join in at Lunching on Lamias, here, and probably write something scarier than that.

On the subject of keeping a game focused, check out two posts from the top blogroll, one at Unofficial Games and the other at Campaign Mastery. Both suggest kinds of objective, for XP in the latter. Also in the top roll, Vaults of Nagoh has a related tale.

If you're running something in which events matter, these counters might help. Place them on the table or map to record key moments. They're numbered to show order.



The Angry Lurker said...

Excellent they can be used to show events in a murder mystery story showing story notes or clues.

Porky said...

Yes they could, and I hadn't thought of that. The numbers mean you can match locations to a list or table of course, and even to results of rolls on various dice, so you could keep the referee on his or her toes, or run the game without one. By keeping the counters face down too, you can leave the order unclear.