Wednesday, 20 July 2011

'Geddon on it (4.2) - Wasteland Settlers

More homebrew for the Heroes of Armageddon Charity Project, now in its final week. The draw for the four armies is this coming Sunday.

Last were the concerned citizens, adapted from the series of 31-word stories I ran through May. They were statted up for Warhammer 40,000.

Today it's the shrewd wasteland settlers, who acted to devastating effect on Days 10 and 17.

Again, I've tried to work their nature into the rules. The unit is designed to be used in an unusual landscape represented by a table in the format used for the ash waste events. There's a statline for them and for a new weapon - the strung - plus the special rule.


Wasteland Settlers

Cost: 6 per Wasteland Settler (?)

Type: Infantry

Size: 5-15 Wasteland Settlers

Wasteland Settler   3  3  3  3  1  4  1   8   -

Weapons: Grip, Strung

Special rules: Ken, Hit & Run, Move Through Cover, Scouts, Stealth


Grips are basic close combat weapons, generally a rough blade or an improvised mace.


Strungs are ranged weapons fashioned from salvaged or liberated scrap and materials naturally occurring in the wasteland, most often making use of tension and momentum.

Strung    6”   2   -  Pistol


The player controlling this unit may modify each player's result on the events table by 1 point while the unit is on the table. This modifier is cumulative where multiple units in a force confer it. If an opposing force has such units, compare the total modifiers of the sides; the player controlling the force with the higher may modify the result by the difference. In addition, this unit may never be the initial unit affected by a table result.

- - - - - -

As before, feedback is welcome, not least on points cost. It's based on the ash waste events and may well need to be modified if the table is adapted to other landscapes.

Check out the Heroes of Armageddon project at the website too. Just a few days left.

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