Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Shockwaves and drifting

This ties in with three posts - on modelling minefields, the mutant burstworm and space battle drift markers - as well as wider events. It has fiction and some counters.

First the fiction, for Expansion Joints. It has to be 15 words, one of them opening.

Opportunity? Well, it's an opening... But blasted through soft tissues, memories and dreams, chances taken?

In a lot of gaming explosions are taken for granted. As a man in demolition recently put it regarding the Oslo attack "men and boys are interested in gunpowder and bullets and fast cars". The RPG blog Compromise and Conceit has strong thoughts on that insanity.

Of course, the forces in gaming could go beyond outright destruction. On to magnetism maybe, or gravity making a slope more or less easy to climb. There can also be flows, like the water in a river that needs to be forded or the air rushing in a shaft or tunnel.

Recording this might be easier with counters. These have direction of course, and the box means a number can be marked too, predetermined maybe or the result of a roll.



The Angry Lurker said...

More good counters, saved as normal.

The Happy Whisk said...

I dig what you wrote there for opening and chances taken.

Groovy stuff.

Hugs from me and Miss Wig.

Porky said...

Thanks a lot. It makes me happy to think there are different things being taken out of a single post. I try to get in as much as I reasonably can, look for connections and synthesise. Finding crossover isn't hard of course. There can be too much in sometimes I'll admit, but I'm working on keeping it down, as close to the essence as possible.

netherwerks said...

These look extremely useful as we're looking into mapping-out some terrains/environments where a more dynamic aspect to things needs to be addressed--and these are perfect for just that sort of thing! Your counters are inspiring. We've been considering doing a set of tokens for additional features that could be plunked down on the Terrain Tiles--have you considered bundling your counters into a PDF?

Porky said...

Feel free to use the counters. Those tokens are a good idea and would make the tiles even more useful. It's an evocative series and I'm sure whatever you come up with will look great.

The pdf is a good idea too. There are one or two older series also waiting to be bundled. It's just a question of sitting down and working out the fit.