Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Dieing words: anglewitch; argute

Are you argute enough to take the anglewitch and apprise us of definitions?


Trey said...

Heh. Some fine obscure words there. Anglewitch I don't think I had even seen before.

Von said...

You want a game concept, I'm assuming?

The anglewitch has learned to do the impossible. By alchemy, magic, scientific creativity or psychic exertion, an anglewitch defies the ordinary limitations of space and time. Objects distort in size and scale under her busy hands - forces defer to her, deflecting in strange directions. Solid objects seem less solid, and she's as likely to walk on the ceiling as the floor.

The anglewitch cannot actually make things disappear, nor alter their constitution - she can stretch and compress them in the three ordinary dimensions but they must still have some physical presence, even if an elephant is now the size of a pea. Likewise, she cannot absorb force in motion, only redirect it - if you throw a rock at an anglewitch, someone, somewhere is going to get hit by it.

Anglewitches are largely responsible for the distortions of so-called hammerspace, and are often the gatekeepers of strange, non-Euclidean spaces.

Porky said...

@ Trey - I'm aiming to surprise, inspire and see if we can't find them a new lease of life. An anglewitch is a worm used as bait, which in retrospect is just what it should be of course. A fun word for all except the worm...

@ Von - Outstanding. I wasn't expecting an answer like that at all just guesses at actual definitions. C'nor at Lunching on Lamias sets more that kind of challenge, defining new words - you'd be great at it. I like the concept a lot, and you've probably set a few other minds racing; it's asking to be incorporated somewhere in some way. It strikes me as quite Pratchett, more crossover, so could be good for various settings.