Friday, 20 May 2011

Flash Fearsdelayed

Here's this week's Flash Fearsday. I'm late. It's a writing challenge hosted at Lunching on Lamias, an attempt at horror in 140 characters exactly, line breaks counting one.

Last week I tried my hand at gamer horror, and this is perhaps a little more.

They don't make me do things, but they make me want to.
They encourage me.
Oh, those logos...
My mind - it's branded!
Like a head of cattle.

Yikes. Would any of us let that happen? Thought not.


C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Ever read "The Space Merchants"?

Porky said...

No, but I'd very much like to. Interesting premise, and I could go some satire right now.

Jennie said...

Love this!

It makes me want to do write a Flash Fearsday post. I've been afraid to post anything on my blog until my posts that disappeared in the recent blogger debacle are restored, if they ever are. Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and go for it, or post directly on Lunching on Lamias.

Porky said...

Thanks, and very welcome back! Your entry at spaceport people was inspired.

Re missing posts, it seems I've been given all I'm going to get, including some duplicates of draft or former draft posts. They popped back in around the newer so I'd guess fresh posting wouldn't harm the chances of return. Then again, who knows? That couple of days probably made a lot of us want to do things...

Jennie said...

I'm glad you liked the spaceport entry!

I got some missing comments back today, but the missing posts are still, well, missing. The very recent return of the missing comments makes me optimistic that they are actually still working on restoring everything.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, even though that makes it hard to type.

Porky said...

That gives me some optimism too, not least the possibility of reading more of your words. Your comment made me smile.