Friday, 13 May 2011

Flash Fearsdelayed & taken over - Higher random

It's Friday the thirteenth, and Blogger's been down, not to mention all the usual horror. But yesterday was Thursday and that means Flash Fearsday at Lunching on Lamias.

Join in; write a terrifying tale in 140 characters. A new genre this week, gamer horror...

He rolled the die, very well. It skipped, danced. Six. 
"Four," I said. "Two," came the reply. 
We settled on one.
And thus it became serious.

How about a bit of propluristemic content to go with it? Propluristemic content is a rule for adaptation to various systems and settings, for this context any dice-using system.

Higher random

It's very simple: roll the die; decide you like another result more.

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