Saturday, 14 May 2011

40K OSR? (5)

Warhammer 40,000 we know, but an OSR?

It can be an Old School Renaissance, an Other School Renaissance, even an Optional School Renaissance, or something else entirely. How about a Review, a Revolution, or another 'R'?

There's this 40K OSR logo now too thanks to Colonel Kane at Tales from the Maelstrom. Feel free to use it if you identify with the concept, especially if you're putting out new ideas.

If you do use it, I'd ask only you credit Colonel Kane and give some thought to adding Tales from the Maelstrom to your blogroll, for reasons that will be clear if you visit. Check out the rogue trader conversion up now.

This week we're a day late of course, but all good things...

    Linked with this is a wild card for this week, the Miracle Workers rules for Mordheim at Liber Malefic. Possible inspiration given the links between game worlds and systems. Also a wild card is CounterFett's suggestion at All Things Fett for alternative marines.

    So what have I missed?

    Maybe you've seen more new rules out there, or another variation of some kind? Maybe you posted something? If you have OSRy material to share, don't be shy - just leave a link. Put the logo up too if you want to, or just do things your way.

    Update: Rictus at Recalcitrant Daze has now put up the first on a converted Trojan.


    Gothridge Manor said...

    40k OSR I like it!

    Porky said...

    Have you ever thought about playing? C'nor's looking at it - his latest thinking is here.

    I'm not sure I can wholeheartedly recommend the main game to an uninterested player these days, but if someone's drawn to it already, why not, and there's a lot of potential in all those years of history.

    Cost is perhaps the biggest barrier. For a less expensive starting point a new player could try Killzone. Access to the basic and faction-specific rules is still necessary, but only a dozen or so minis - rather than dozens, or a hundred or more - and Killzone itself is free to download. Worth a browse at least.