Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hello, little beastie... - Living table (1) - Entries 74-80

If you read my recent post on spectral creatures, you might have thought of something I didn't, that the ideas would make good entries for the table of small creature concepts.

You can find the full table here at DM Muse, ready for rolling. It's a living table, meaning anyone can add entries. There are 11 living tables so far, and new can easily be started.

Here are the latest seven then, making 80 in total.

  1. This creature exists in this particular stream of light and will defend itself by striking at the visual organs of any individual observing it.
  2. This creature inhabits the current light conditions at this specific location, and as the conditions change, it will follow, vanishing if they cease to exist; if an observer can manoeuvre closer, roll again on this table, treating the same result as the creature transferring to another set of these conditions elsewhere.
  3. This creature exists only at the edge of sight, and maintaining it in the peripheral vision requires concentration; any individual approaching will seem to move to the edge of sight too, and if such an approach is made, roll again on this table.
  4. This creature appears to exist within a reflective surface, such as a mirror, window or puddle, which is in fact a portal of some kind; if physical contact is attempted, roll again on this table, with the same result indicating the individual attempting physical contact is drawn through the portal.
  5. This creature ordinarily inhabits the shadow of the individual discovering it, but has become briefly disoriented; it will attempt immediately to reenter the shadow; if prevented, the individual will undergo minor personality changes.
  6. This docile creature navigates darkness by emitting light from an unusual organ.
  7. This creature is in fact a colony of sparks of light inhabiting a precious stone.

I've added them to DM Muse, so they'll be visible a little later. Go ahead and add more.

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